Activision Blizzard expected to send thousands of staff – News

After a varied number of months for Activision Blizzard, it's not surprising but it's not hard to hear sounds from the pillar of love Bloomberg : important restructuring is coming.

Call of Duty is on a course, but Destiny has been broken before it can run, which is a remarkable dose production for the publisher, long & Overwatch or Hearthstone do not grow or go; decline. As Electronic Arts and Take-Two this fiscal year, the situation has already been the worst for the American giant, who is fully operational and economically driven. In this context, a & # 39; Following a game of actors' music chairs, the news revealed that hundreds of staff were appointed in the planning of Tuesday, according to Bloomberg's sources.

Confirming a belt, should it be reinforced, should make it foolish for the workers a month after it is announcedbonus $ 15 million to the new CFO Dennis Durkin.

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