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Actor Actison Mack of "Smallville" will be pulling out offenses for a branch of the branch. T

American actor Allison Mack made his way out of court in New York on 8 April, 2019. t Marc Lennihan / AP / SIPA

“I was a member of a secret society set up by Keith Raniere. In tears, the American actor Allison Mack published the series Smallvilleasking that he was guilty of being ripped apart for sexual benefit on Monday, sex. Discovering that he has recruited young women who have become “slaves”, she has been imprisoned for up to 40 years and settled on her sentence on 11 September.

By tackling the allegations of trafficking, the 36-year actor admitted guilty of two less dangerous counts (extortion and criminal offense, possibly 20 years in prison) and so on to avoid a test, unlike Keith Raniere's opponent.

Guru right arm

The Nxivm saga (pronounced Nexium) was split in two stages. Founded in 1998 by American Keith Raniere, the company worked as a pyramid organization, organizing personal and professional development seminars, as well as online workshops. According to a survey New York Times, she would have counted up to 16,000 customers, mostly in North America, including a number of well-known young women, including actors. Smallville Kristin Kreuk and Allison Mack, but also Clare Bronfman, the heir to the Spirit of the Sea empire from Canada.

At an uncertain end, Keith Raniere set up within a secret club Nxivm DOS (Dominus Obsequious Sororium), a celebration organization. According to the accused, Allison Mack has turned into a right arm.

Up to 150 "slaves" marked by a lookout pen

According to their convictions, Alisson Mack used his referee to attract up to 150 "slaves". All the women had been enthusiastic about making sex with Keith Raniere as the shepherds could be given. Before accepting "slaves", they were obliged to provide them with a number of compromise elements (photographs, letters, documents) which retained the society's right to make public public if they wished to leave it.

The young women also had to "mark out" by drawing on the skin letters, often Raniere's initials, using a warning pen inserted by the meat. Other women were still suffering from the pain and each session was recorded. 'Slave' could possibly be “mistress” as well as employing other young women. Before the judge took it, Alisson Mac allowed the judge to say: "Some women in the group did work for me," and the system was designed to believe that they had a negative impact on the refused. ".



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