After his polemical ideas, Liam Neeson makes a narrow culpa

In an interview with the American newspaper Independentat the time when his film was encouraged Sang-FroidLiam Neeson described the idea of ​​a 'great' public opinion. Starred built He said he wanted to "kill a black man" after learning how one of his friends was routed. The declaration had created a lively controversy and the actor had been discriminated against.

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Since then, the comedy had withdrawn, at least until Friday, March 29. Liam Neeson decided to raise his case in public by speaking in Variety columns. The US site has signed an official statement with the anchor, in which the last person is doing its culpapa, trying to explain his answer: "A lot of what happened to my friend began to avoid irresponsible ideas that don't represent me."

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He says he is aware of his presence.It hit a lot of people, at a time when words are used so often as armor and the whole community of innocent people is targeted on rage actionsLiam Neeson says: "I was wrong to do what I did. I recognize it, although my opinions do not represent, in any way, my feelings or myself."It is decided by simplicity:"I offer my apology. "

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