after the bride, doubts about a anniversary party

A concert was held on 9 March 2014 in Versailles, to mark the Fifth anniversary of the Federation. The date ended at the end of the director's anniversary. But his mind is to ensure that the event was professional. Renault, for his, did not report suspicion of this program.

No, Carlos Ghosn did not celebrate his 60th anniversary at Versailles at the expense of the Renault-Nissan Federation. This is the message that begins to be pronounced on this Saturday, the day after Les Echos was published with a reference to suspicion of this event. According to their daily business, a concert was organized in a & # 39; a renowned castle on 9 March 2014 to mark 15 years of the Federation. But the Federation was born on March 27, 1999. But the date of March 9th corresponds to the director's anniversary end, which was born on March 9, 1954.

"There was no birthday cake"

Maître Jean-Yves Le Borgne

The reception, which would include 200 guests, including Cherie Blair, a member of the board of Renault leaders, was "honored" on the "partners that supported the Renault-Nissan Alliance," as the box on to celebrate an invitation Le Figaro consulting. A dinner was prepared with the cook Alain Ducasse and a tour was taken around the castle and fireworks. Cost of event: 600,000 euros, funded, according The Echoes, with the RNBV, a joint venture between the two executives established in the Netherlands and who are responsible for the structure of the Federation's structure. In addition to a covenant on the date, the newspaper has a & # 39; Identifying the low number of representatives from Renault and Nissan, for an event that is expected to & # 39; Federation. Sufficiently to doubt the real causes of organizing & # 39; this amazing party.

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Causes that have been swept down today by the lawyer of Carlos Ghosn. "It's not a yearly party. This professional dinner is scheduled to be organized on March 9th but it was co-operated. The invitation was sent by Carlos Ghosn as Head of on Renault to mark 15 years of the Federation. There was no birthday cake and made a talk about the Federation, "explains Jean-Yves Le Borgne, the Figaro. The latter also offers the lowest number of Nissan representatives with the round speed: "Do you know many people who make the trip from Japan to Paris for a dinner?", He says. Most importantly, Carlos Ghosn celebrated his birthday well, but the next day, March 10. Versailles is not just at Monsieur Bleu restaurant, in the 16th count of Paris. "This time, the invitation was sent to his wife, Carole Nahas, and himself," said the lawyer. The carton shows that it is a "private dinner"; there. The latter was financed by care, one said. "With this story, we will go after Carlos Ghosn. France is the country who is expecting to be innocent. A man who knees on the ground and is sad. I'm really sorry," said the lawyer.

RNBV in the scene

Jean-Yves Le Borgne also identifies another key element in the & # 39; In this case: the event that was set up in Versailles on 9 March 2014 was not marked by the researchers responsible for the Renault launch launched on 23 November as Carlos Ghosn & Stadium in Japan. As Le Figaro's name, they have so far reported suspicion about the group, two years later at the same place, the director's marriage by Carole Nahas. There is a case, which is a? relates to an amount of 50,000 euros, recited to justice. "There was no report on this show on 9 March after three months of research," a & # 39; urging the lawyer.

But an RNBV funded 9 March 2014 ceremony, make sure The Echoes. An inquiry was launched to make the effort of this structure clear. And it may bring it to new commitments. At the same time, Carlos Ghosn is still caught in Japan where there are already three taxes. The old leader of Renault has several times out of his quietness to claim his solvency and ask for his resignation to trust. This one was rejected. He could stay behind bars until March 10 at least. Even to the test, which will not happen for several months.

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