APPROVAL: Vanessa Lawrens, a drug user? His answer to her laconic

After several months of love, Vanessa Lawrens and Illan broke up. If the young woman does not expand her & her; This bankruptcy, for her, was moved by a television factor candidate, and so appears to have surprised her one day she loved her lover. Previously, drug detection! want, Vanessa Lawrens, casting Angels 11 (NRJ12) to respond!

"Today, he has taken everything away. He took an excuse. I think he realized it was a mistake, a big mistakeshe says. So, from the moment someone laments her and hers; I complain, I think we're saying everything!"A clear, clear and precise answer without clothing of joy to the beautiful Vanessa Lawrens.

Recalling that Illan had a strong story telling about this famous night on Snapchat. "I was at my grandfather's house and watching the television. Monday night just. We stayed at my grandfather's house and ancestors because we were Building our house (…) and going to the restaurant several times and I was unaware of until I realized she was in the drug process in secret"Illan took away, and since then he has made an excuse, as Vanessa Lawrens said.

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