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Aude Lancelin retires and protects him against "putsch"

This sag is continued: Tuesday, April 9, Media publishing director Aude Lancelin has announced his resignation with a statement. "It is with a sense of work that I have been taking today, from the leadership of the press media company (EDPLM), a mission I followed after I was elected one on 10 July."is the journalist. t

Civil War

Since its launch in January 2018, the Media, which was very close to France first, is aware of its civil war. Indeed, a fight against Aude Lancelin sent to the president of the internet conference, Sophia Chikirou, which resulted in the last person leaving in summer 2018. This Tuesday t the editor does "Putsch"."Tonight the General Assembly of the Press Society elected to elect a new office. The results are known beforehand. This one was submitted with a majority of non-team characters who are not, one is a journalist. It's surprising that this take-up has been ongoing for a few weeks, rebels Aude Lancelin. The result is a result of a partnership with one or two workers in bad powers, political activists and former partners of Sophia Chikirou, who had worked on the ground at the beginning of the last day.

"The purpose of this partnership is to acknowledge, before witnesses, the current course. All this was done behind the editors as well as a range of media technical teams"it is still troubling the journalist, who is making the decision:"It is evident that I cannot work under a full and limited partnership from every perspective, which is manifested openly to seek to retire and involve itself in force."

Also biased "pro-vests yellow"?

Aude Lancelin marks your finger tThe only reporter who attended this puzzle was the same journalist"who is"It has already been challenging, from the start of the move, in the instructions in its eyes that a positive yellow jacket made by the media has been my responsibility.The reporter that the previous editor was focused on might have inherited, according to the last onesthe production companyAude Lancelin will have stayed in the post for just ten months, and through her Mediascop company Sophia Chikirou, communications director for Jean-Luc Mélenchon, is still at the flag of Le Média.

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