Barça: Piqué's interesting result, summary and aims in a video

Real - Barça: the interesting result of Piqué, summary and aims in a video

FIDIO REAL MINUTE – BARCA – FC Barcelona is in the final of the King Cup after their great success against Real Madrid. At the end of the game, Gérard Piqué starred a strange statement …

09:10 – Real – Barça: the video summary

Reasons of the impact of FC Barcelona's full-time Real Madrid (0-3) thanks to this video summary. Impact that will allow Barça to reach her fifth final in a row and why, if it happens to her; final victory, to become the first team in the history of his competition to win the prize five times in the series.

09:02 – Real – Barça: Varane is a tough afternoon

If Ousmane Dembélé blows on Wednesday night, his real estate has suffered a lot. Even though his team did not need to be scanned, despite the score, Raphael Varane did not benefit him. It's not good at Suarez's opening in the 50th minute, it was worse just twenty minutes later. The snowbird all over the world, once again invaded by Dembélé, goes into the box to leave the danger from the center but its deceased's hunter and his # 39 ; putting the ball into the goal.

08:55 – Dembele, king of this Real-Barca?

In a game that is not very fast at game level, it's hard to do not; stressing it, despite everything, Ousmane Dembélé's presentation. The French, even without scoring, clarified a meeting of his arabesques, which prevented his / her; Armagh vis-à-vis Carvajal. He also thanked his Rennes; Previously the solution came, as long as Barça was very unsure, with her; this basic step for Suarez. On the other hand, his media was also essential because It has to Varane unfortunately to go to camp itself.

08:47 – Who will meet Barça in the final?

The certificate is now available, affecting the real adverse impact of Real Madrid, FC Barcelona is in a position; waiting to contact his enemy for his final of May 25. Everything is played tonight, between Real Betis and Valencia. A game is very uncertain as the two clubs have taken once (2-2). The Keys still benefit from additional inspiration as the final game will be played at the Benito Villamarin stadium … the Betis company.

27/02/19 – 23:22 – Barcelona is merciful for the Real

Real Madrid was a fine shade after an exciting draw at Camp Nou in the first final step (1-1). It was the Madrid club that had been certified for his & her. The first time to start Santiago Bernabeu, and the performers of Santiago Solari who made things. Vinicius is very intense when every quarterly time came from the first time but lost at any time of accuracy in the last move (19th, 38th), when Stegen does not have a & # 39; opposing Benzema's attempt (36th). At a break, Real is a # 39; Bring to the points and we say that Barça is at risk … but everything will change in the second time. At his first chance, Barcelona first thanked Luis Suarez, well served by the French Ousmane Dembélé (0-1, 50th). He's really trying to answer but Stegen is still in a position; meet in front of Reguilon (62). Barça, which is very reasonable, then goes down to her & # 39; a Madrilenian boat in three minutes, pushing Varane quickly against (0-2, 70th) before Suarez defeated Pannaka's beautiful penalty (0-3, 73). In front of the humiliation, Real supporters are beginning to & # 39; leaving their places. However, it will be necessary to return Saturday (20:45), for a new classic, this time in the Liga, with the hope of revenge. Looking to & # 39; This Barça, will make Santiago Solari players perfect 90 minutes, not just 45 tonight.

02/22/19 – 23:04 – Meeting Saturday between Madrid and Barcelona!

FC Barcelona has won the double opponent despite its & # 39; First time (1-1) on 6 February at Camp Nou. However, Real Madrid can give up revenge on Saturday, because there is access to the calendar, get again Barça but this time in the League. This bad disaster could be lower than the balance and Barcelona, ​​which is 9 points ahead of Madrid in the league, can be a big hit in Santiago Bernabeu's other advantage.

27/02/19 – 22:57 – Barcelona will play the final

So, competing in competition, FC Barcelona, ​​which will be a four-time competitor, He played his final sixth in the King Cup after him, a record. A final concert will be played on 25 May at Betis Stadium, Benito Villamarin in Seville. Betis, who also plays a & # 39; Another final against Valencia Thursday July (2-2 in the first leg in Seville).

02/22/19 – 22:52 – ⏰ END OF YOU CONSIDER! Barça is a satellite in Madrid!

He spent in Madrid! FC Barcelona, ​​quite reasonable, is suitable for the final of the King's Cup due to this successful success on Real Park (0-3), after the draw of the first leg (1- 1), thanks to the doubling of Luis Suarez (50th and 73rd) and defeat his Varane camp (69th).

27/02/19 – 22:50 – Two minutes later

Mr Sanchez is very pleased to take two minutes of extra time in the & # 39; This game ends because the two teams wait for one thing: return to the catchroom.

27/02/19 – 22:47 – The stadium is empty

Madrid fans, devastated with this result against FC Barcelona, ​​have started to play the game for a few minutes and the centers are growing.

27/02/19 – 22:44 – Barcelona: Publishing of Busquets

FC Barcelona coach Ernesto Valverde makes third and last change. Artair, who is returning from a wound tonight, has a & # 39; including Sergio Busquets.

27/02/19 – 22:41 – Real Madrid: Vinicius leaves his place

Under the Santiago Bernabeu conflict, Vinicius Òg gives Marco Asensio his place for the last ten minutes of the game.

27/02/19 – 22:40 – The two teams will meet on Saturday

So FC Barcelona will be suitable for its seventh round of the King Cup final breakdown, the first one in history, and its # 39; correcting right to his enemy, on his slab. Both teams will meet again Saturday, here in the League (20:45). Which state does Real play after this slap?

27/02/19 – 22:37 – Barça: Suarez gives a way

Luis Suarez, who was twice-toned and second-handed, gave Arthur Arturo Vidal the last quarter of his time. The message is clear from Valverde.

27/02/19 – 22:34 – Both coaches change

Santiago Solari will make the second amendment to the Real side. Valverde returns to Casemiro's place. On the side of FC Barcelona, ​​Ousmane Dembélé, is vital to the first two goals, leaving its place Coutinho.


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