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Breaking Marlene and Kevin, what really happened? "Getting married at the beginning"

Marlene and Kevin, some 3 seasons of "Married First". – Thomas PADILLA / M6

  • On Monday afternoon, we attended the end of Marlene and Kevin's wedding.
  • He seems to have been closer to Marina, a friend of Marlene.
  • "20 minutes" asked the two main respondents how they felt about this story.

Between Marlene and Kevin, as they were on honeymoon, he had not moved as they had hoped. In the photo Married at first Monday night, so they separated. But it is difficult to understand what happened between the famous night where all things would have fallen down and the famous man would be
break. We tried to find out more from key stakeholders.

So for the purposes of the exhibition, "a summary of the preparation was carried out," said Marlene 20 Summary. The night was a problem that took place on camera, the show was suspended until a film evening to do more than one film. 'One weekend, I went to Kevin's house and I got a party with his aunt, other relatives and Marina,' said the young woman, No Kevin was able to ever say, he didn't look at me and I saw 'ambiguous' with Marina, who lives two hours with a car
Toulouse. When we left, we talked about it together, in the car. She told me that she was feeling like me. "

"I needed time"

Kevin doesn't see what's amazing to think with Marlene. “When I came back from the night of the night, it was a bit for me, I needed time," he tells. 20 Summary. When I left for Marlene I was still suspicious of him. After this weekend, I realized that it was not my daughter and that we would not succeed. That's what I said to it, it was very clear. On his idea of ​​Marina, he says she felt insecure.

"Indeed I did not do anything with my lover. I was laughing at that as I had smiled by my sister, aunt or anyone, or I laugh with her I was in the mood "I like you because we can laugh for everything". In the exhibition we show that I like the girls t With the forms she had to make 40 kg wet, which didn't drag out – I was trying to give myself a definition like Marlene 50,000 times, but she didn't understand.

In the middle of the imbrogill are the messages sent by Kevin and Marina. If Marlene says he didn't know that Marina had sent a message to her husband, he was like a "stunt". "To send me a message to Marlene, it's very low, I think. Maybe he was dead as well as Marlene."

"He was still a disappointment"

"When I told it that I wanted to be friends, I was very sorry about what I expected about," Marlene said. To me he found nothing but a big failure. Seeing this message, I went into a stage where I was no longer sorry, I was angry. On the side of his companion, it seems he is very remote when she tells him that she doesn't want to speak to him anymore. "I took it light because there was nothing wrong with me. And by Marlene it was very clear. I was wanting to marry, but it wasn't so touching. I thought I wanted to take the time t . "

But does Kevin regret this? "Oh, I'm sorry! Because I feel like I'm dealing with a teenager and it was very annoying [le message qu’il a interprété comme un piège]. It's not like I kissed anyone else, as I slept with someone. It is his daughter who wrote to me and I reply. I know that I will be a big jerk after the event. I did it for myself. For me, I have nothing to destroy myself. I am a true weaver. He takes a bad person in the story. "

It's hard not to believe that the story between the two Toulousans made no more harm than good … "It was disappointing, another fall, reporting Marlene. It seemed that I was I fell down and down and I didn't hit with the bottom to get up and I was upset at that time because I just wanted to live a pretty, simple story but fortunately for me The couple then split up without any problems. "It went really well," said the young woman, we gave two words over, we talked about the exhibition today, we have caravan links and we will exchange what we are putting on social networks. "

That is a fine ending

And despite some of the feathers leaving both concerned, it would appear that the exhibition was a success. “I'm very happy now, I don't want to fight with it. Now it has been nearly a year, we split in December. and Married at first I've made some great friends with this season and Florian season 2. I am also a friend of girls I met at the time of the cuts but not picked up to represent them with after the presentation. "

On Kevin's side, he is also positive: "I learned a lot about myself, giving me a bit more, because I introduced myself to many people at least." Is it the time that things were allowed to happen, more to let me wear, it helped me a lot, and the love in every one? "At the moment, I am in a relationship with someone I met with. Florian from a set of 2. From the beginning, I thought an election made good for me … "

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