By appearing in some particular drugs there are respiratory risks for the child

HEALTH – Children who are exposed to chemical communication when they are pregnant with the summer mother and their first month of life are more likely to reduce reasonable work, shows a Franco-Spaniard survey published on Wednesday 6 February.

Some of the materials "should be related to a depressed impaired activity in children", explain in the statement of the Inserm, CNRS and the Grenoble Alpes University.

The researchers mention in particular blended compounds (PFCs, which have been found in particular in oxygen pans, special food packets and anti-stain coatings), ethyl paraben (reserved to be used in many cases) and a number of miracles from an affirmation of phthalates.


This is one of the first issues on the topic to be & # 39; including taking into account the world of a whole series of fuel (the "exposome"), and not just material with a product, and # 39; describes the authors of the article, published in the British medical journal The Lancet Planetary Health.

The researcher gathered a life-visual lifestyle and data for a number of dozen objects (silent air abusives, endocrine, metallic allergies, continuous organic pollution, etc.) From around 1,000 pregnant women and their children in six European countries.

As part of the study, which was also part of the World Health Institute in Barcelona, ​​scientists measured the work of the lungs aged 6 to 12, with a test to stimulate its degree of measurement and to end.

They looked, for example, that a ratio was twice as high as perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA in English, a full-blooded body in the environment) in the blood of his mother when he was pregnant a couple of years. later with a decrease of approximately 2% of the exhaled air numbers in their children.

Regarding the aftermath, nine factors are related to a less complete reasonable activity, including copper, ethyl paraben, five molecules that are caused by a & # 39; phthalatic erosion but also overlapping housing.

This statistical analysis, which does not show a cause-and-force relationship, "should be seen as the first step of an election to identify suspicious doubts as it is necessary more specialized work, "say the authors.

"It is important to identify the risk factors for reduced respiratory work in childhood because the child's lungs development shows his whole health, not just anxiety, for his life," said Valérie . Siroux, researcher at Inserm and co-ordinator of the survey.

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