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Recently, and how often Nintendo, the president of the company will have a & # 39; Get involved in a question and answer session with investors. This time, other musicians took part (Miyamoto among others). So, the summary will be posted online in the eyes of the public. Before we read even talk about this text Nintendo Switchyou can go to the official link to provide the summary in English, just click here. For those who prefer to find out this with language Jul Molière, let's go!

Warning: Some of the questions are suddenly left in this translation. These do not directly worry Nintendo Switch but different areas like the only gaming group. On the other hand, the translation is largely done with systems such as DeepL, we are presented in advance to our booklets if some of the interviews are unlikely to be clear. Do not hesitate to comment!

Question No. 1

In terms of the downside review of unit sales statements for Nintendo Moving on this exercise, what current differences do you have compared to what you expect at the start of this exercise? I would also like to find out what units you propose to sell in the fiscal year and what your strategies to do so.


This holiday season, we can spread three main titles (Super Mario Party, Pokémon: Let's Go, and Super Smash Bros. Final), and possible to increase our sale of consensus year on year in each sector. Despite being able to sell a great deal of consensus during the holidays, iIt is true that we do not expect to achieve the goal start of this exercise. If we show up to date (for this exercise), we will evaluate it our efforts are being put in place to draw attention to the attractiveness of the Nintendo Switch consion and the games new users did not have enough.

And from the outskirts of our unit sales strategy for the long-term year, long and long-term; It is expected that the tours will be discharged during the holiday season to help increase sales, the increase in sales per annum in the first half of the year (April to September) was not very important, which affected to review the unit's projections. We will talk more closely about the next year later, but we are keen to increase our hardware and sell gamadan units compared to that year. We want to strengthen our range of games and make it attractive for users, to decide on their (civil) year that they buy their Nintendo Switch.

Shuntaro Furukawa

Question # 2

Due to the fact that the Nintendo Switch marketing strategy for this year has been reviewed down to 17 million units, I Thinking that this is very much because sales have not risen at a & # 39; This year's first year was the exhaust of the main tenancies collected in October to December. I would like to find out what kind of process management is currently in place for game development, as well as the procedure that is going on; Do you have the Nintendo Switch from making easier game development development?


Compared to the NES time (Nintendo Entertainment System), many other developers, larger development teams. We will develop in different locations as the number of development centers has also increased. Despite this, development is more regulated than previously. So even if it is true that the number of games is growing, more people are involved in development, there is a greater development process to bring together the whole of the object, and that The scale of expansion, I believe we are working better than before. I have heard that some people say we are likely to grow slowly, but indeed not all cases are true. We have developed titles that are not yet mentioned, some of the arrangements for release this year.

Shinya Takahashi

I still have more authority for young people, and I do I believe it is grateful for us that we have established our own unique development structure, similar to Nintendo. I want to continue by fostering the growth while we are experiencing & # 39; preserve our unique games game. In terms of our development process, the fact that we put forward Super Smash Bros. At the highest level, known as the mega-title, it shows that the process is a & # 39; going well and the jobs are going well, I'm going to do it. believe.

At the same time, it is a fascinating part of your video game business that you can create things that many users can do well if you are doing it; Just adds a greater value, even though it is not responsible for the performance of its hard-working. There are independent games that are widely distributed among consumer purchases, although many people have not been developed by AAA. We always value this and we want to encourage people who are able to create "fundamental components" of this type. And we can continue to & # 39; arranging "the foundations of their" games "that those people created in the future, I think we can continue to & # 39; Creating Nintendo-like materials, and I think these people are thinking about it; gradual growth at Nintendo.

Shigeru Miyamoto

The Nintendo Switch is a specially designed game design, and we know that there are special obstacles when it comes to creating games. But even so, a large number of subtitles are currently published by other publishers. To do this, we edited the environment and development tools that developers could use from the first stages of development on Nintendo Switch. In addition to national game developers, Nintendo Technology Development Inc. will be a foreign link for detailed information from the developers of Europe and the USA. Using this development environment, which helps us to improve it regularly.

How we continue to & # 39; striving to create a game even slower and more efficient, the number of titles developed by other game publishers continues to grow. Often, independent developers are often using "game engineer" as a framework for a & # 39; improving their games, and we have given these environments from the beginning. I think that's why Nintendo Switch has had so many independent titles since its inception.

Ko Shiota

Question 3

You described the new basic strategy of "increasing the number of people with access to Nintendo IP." Is the importance of the consonant that has been sold has changed compared to when you change your business strategy from increasing the number of the players to their / key new strategy?


During the presentation, I explained that we continue to continue with the basic strategy to increase the number of people with access to Nintendo IP. Hard-selling repository (sales price from retailers to users) is still very important as important performance indicators (KPI) for our business, but I think that the number of ; hard-working units are actively used as KPI as important. The number of active users for each other KPI play application is essential for our mobile business, not just for the special video gaming platform, and we will monitor the numbers of both regularly. The reason why these figures in active use is important that users who have the opportunity to buy other games have more opportunities. For users to continue to use their & # 39; Hard, we need to continue to & # 39; launching new games, and we also need to provide items such as additional content so that users can take a title for a longer period. Long-term services such as Nintendo Switch Online can also be more attractive in helping to maintain the use of the device.


Question 4

The Nintendo 3DS sold significantly. I would like to hear your opinion on selling plans, for example, the Nintendo 3DS and the Nintendo Switch, as well as any Nintendo Switch comments at low prices or smaller size.


Although the Nintendo 3DS market has been faster than expected, many players in the Nintendo 3DS are currently on new players. Users who have recently purchased Nintendo 3DS are the ones who buy it as their first play console. The Nintendo 3DS is anxious to behave behavior, easy to behave because it is small and light, and at a very interesting price. Parents look for their & # 39; The first one to buy for their children to continue to go; submit. This is why our core policy is to work with Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS consoles.

When it comes to the future sale of Nintendo consoles, it is the first thing we need to do; Promoting the sale of every family console, and we will work to increase demand to expand its established center. On the other hand, in a housing survey to find out what number of families use Nintendo Switch, we find that although many families of several families are experiencing; One rabbit is played, some of the families have already bought several consoles. In the future, we aim to make such a request among users because they feel they want the Nintendo Switch themselves through programs such as software grants, and not everyone's use. one, but for each home there are several Nintendo Switch consoles.


Question 5

Although you have said that you expect to increase the value of the Nintendo IP, it is still very good to see that the lines can be; currently over 10 million sales. But the titles that have offered new types of games still have to sell explosive sales and do not move the world as part of the offers. Do you think something is related to the difference of user options? Considering the possible reasons and how the environment has changed since the previous one, I am going to do it; Think if you feel that the concept of changing Nintendo needs to be changed. In addition, has there been any changes to young developers Mr Miyamoto imposes duties? I think there are things that should be changed and those that should not be changed.


It is really beneficial to see as many users who have; take advantage of the latest licensing games. Some may say that these titles just use the old intellectual property but I do not; think we're creating the same things again, because the content of these games is different.

It is true that everyday user choices are different, but when we create games, the most important points we make each game are enjoyable to users and how we create resources and I do not see any reason for that change. That said, games have now been designed in a different way than the old ways to develop games before the internet, and we are always aware of these changes and are thinking how they can integrate. So I think it's best to continue with us; Think about ways of mixing old and new, to bring together new thinking styles and still the old thinking methods that are still valid.


It is not the reason why I dedicate responsibilities for the younger generation because I am in a position; I think I can not follow young people's feelings. And I do not think Nintendo developers are involved in classes and can not improve anything. Do not worry because we are able to respond to the different options in today's world.

In a baseball, if you want to hit a home, you need to do a hard tackle to put the ball into the center. In the same way, we support the creation of new black games without fear of failure. And because Nintendo has a strength to do, we can focus on running at home rather than based pieces. For me, that is the entertaining industry.

Compared to the time of "increasing the number of the players", it is likely to be a current dream situation as the number of users with games access has increased to a large extent. And now they have a better understanding of digital media, so a great idea can make a big business in eye catching. One of the things that Nintendo is so attractive in this environment is that our characters are famous throughout the generations, such as Super Mario, which will take 35 the next year. With Super Mario Party, who has sold more than we expected in many demographic groups, I realized that users have a " come back at any time if we use these characters and create fun stuff. The meaning of an intellectual property strategy is to value them in such areas.


Question 7

The number of players is increasing each year, but what is it? proportion of female employees in your development areas?


There are many women's developers in the game development departments. In particular, there is a lot of design work involved in game development, and a large number of women among our photographers. Many of them have children, and we have created a talented work environment, even for those with children. I think it's a very good place. to work where women can be actively involved and enjoyment in their work.


There are also many women involved in active development. The leader of the Crossing Animals series is a woman, and many female designers are working actively. When I have the opportunity to look at other development companies in Europe and the United States, they are delivering their & # 39; The idea that the business is highly dependent on men. Compared to such companies, Nintendo's many women work hard.


This is a common problem in Japan because there is not a higher percentage of women in engineering crafts such as hard-term development and system development. And it's also true in our business: compared to the development of a game, the percentage of women in low-speed development is low. However, Nintendo's work includes a technology-based approach, and so I'm going to do it. think that the number of staff may change in the future.


Question 8

You mentioned (in the show) that the Nintendo Switch Online subscription center (except for free exams) is more than 8 million accounts, which suggests that the service has started very good way. I think the people who bought Super Smash Bros. He has been agreeing for the service at the same time, but I think many of them have registered for a 12 month subscription. Given that the current content of the service and your speed in the production of some important titles in a year, I think it's hard to keep friends with those members. The service has started well, but what do you expect to offer to the members in the future?


We believe that Nintendo Switch Online is embarking on the holiday season, with Super Smash Bros largely helping. Ultimate. We do not publish information about each sub-writing plan, but among users who have bought subscriptions, a larger number is now more and more; Choosing shorter plans as the one month subscription. This compares to the situation last October last year, when we said that more than half had a 12-month membership or a separate membership.

It is essential that these members want to continue to use the service for a long time instead of allowing them to come out, and for that we need to build relationships with users and strengthen the content . It includes this in mind that we are currently in & # 39; Plan ways to enhance the service's attractiveness annually. We will notify more information as soon as we are ready. As mentioned in the exhibition, the Nintendo Switch Online is a way of taking advantage of the Nintendo accounts to build long-term relationships with users. So, it is very important for our future business and we will give ourselves the best thing for ourselves.


By launching Super Smash Bros. The first thing, which is & # 39; Building on the first membership increase made by Splatoon 2, has increased its current. We are preparing new offers for users who are in a position; write to this service.


Question 9

On the other side of the growing world-wide population and the sudden increase in online sports, a video game is currently being scrutinized by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Benefits in Japan. and it seems to be a social problem. What do you know about video video surrender and what steps you intend to take to & # 39; fight him?


I think the problem of a gambling problem is more about to go to; become too dependent on video games or about games themselves. One thing we have done as a company that creates features games that allows parents to restrict their time to their children; playing games. I'm thinking to & # 39; continue to implement such features and increase the awareness of more people into these features one way to address this problem.


Question 11

In your display, tell us that the Nintendo change is a n; continue to sell at a distance near the Wii, although there is a difference in the & # 39; discharge. The Wii was a huge success with around 26 million units sold in the third year after its launch, and after sale sales. Will the Nintendo modify the same pattern?


The time of the Wii and Nintendo Switchbox was quite different, and also changed the trade environment, so I do not. think we can make a simple comparison between the two platforms. Wii Sports was a Wii, which was popular with all users since the launch of the device, and added to it; most users. On the other hand, users have played Nintendo Switch for many years in a & # 39; Their first year, and they continue to & # 39; play with them to help to & # 39; expand its foundations. In the future, I think the way in which this platform is developed is also different. So, rather than comparing it with the Wii, I'd like to continue to include a unique Nintendo Switch challenge in the & # 39; market and, in the process, we will continue to sell it for a long time.


Question 12

The "expansion" part of increasing the number of people with access to Nintendo's intellectual property "may be important, but if you're considering a third-season play sales and the presence of two subtitles to & # 39; including selling over 10 million units in one verse, it seems that it is important to continue the "depth". I think it's important More games have been given to customers who have already purchased Nintendo companies. I would like to know your petition for the next and fourteen year, and if you have considered The ability to increase R & D expenditure to increase the number of titles in the future.


As you said, "depth" is also important, and we have taken many factors into account in the future.


As well as our existing titles for 2019, we are also preparing to give up games that will delight users, including one that is suitable for Nintendo Switch Online. As developers, we are always thinking about how we create entertaining that will appeal to users and how it will be expanded for new materials. I would like to continue to develop and / or; marketing of such materials in the future.


I have a great idea of ​​the R & D investments As we cooperate with other game development companies, we will work on a larger scale than can only be dealt with within a & # 39; company in terms of game development management. But even as we expand the scale of the development, it is important that we keep the quality of Nintendo's games firmly created. I know that some people say that you need to hire more developers. We have only focused on expanding improvement workers, but we emphasize Nintendo's additional development training. I want us to actively invest in the products we 're going to; to improve the quality we want to maintain.


Question 13

I would like to find out what the future for your major successes from October to December last year. The first answer has been very strong, but that will be a great deal. mean there is a decline in business? Do not give strength to this important sense during the freedom of time to help with; sell and download purchases based on word of mouth to & # 39; grow, which has a positive net sales impact in the future?


We're very lucky to have the wedding marches Super Mario Party, Pokémon: Let's Go! and Super Smash Bros. The end has been so strong. However, that does not. means we are satisfied. Before being released, we challenged ourselves to see how we can expand our users with each of these titles. For a Super Mario Party, a & # 39; question, "How can we only people but children and parents?" With Pokémon: Let's Go !, We asked, "How can we play people to play Pokémon GO, for example, but have never played it on the Nintendo console?" Le Super Smash Bros. Above, we asked "How can we access not only to fans of the Super Smash Bros. series but also those who have never played before?" If you look to the population of the Users who bought each of these titles, I am not sure that we have met these challenges altogether for the time.

Our goal is to continue to work on the # 39; year this year, expand these titles to new users and continue to expand our content. selling these games for a long time, one of our strengths.

Satoru Shibata

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