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Cancer: Tapie names to stop all of them

Bernard Tapie's lawyer was lodged in her & # 39; controversial controversial case that gave him 404 million to settle his resolution with the Credit Lyonnais held in Paris from 11 March to 5 April.

In an interview with the Journal du Dimanche, formerly the former minister named, & # 39; suffering from stomach cancer and the esophagus, stops his medication.

For two years, the previous owner of Adidas has been in a position; fight against her disease. "There are so many situations, but I have a fight, I have three quarters of my stomach and half the esophagus was removed, and the turns were then very painful. There are problems with severe healing, breathing problems in every test meal, but thanks to my family and friends, I try to be the usual one, "he said.

"I want to get my health in a lawsuit"

But Bernard Tapie is going to go even longer: "And because I want to have my solitude during the test, I decided to stop all cure – more chemotherapy , more poverty, anything! I need to be at home. top, I hope to get there. "

He continues: "My way of life is not but I do not care As soon as the test is over, I'm selling the mansion and I'm a & # 39; going back to Marseille, wherever I want to finish my days. "

He also sets out a specific form of injustice: "Last year, the old procurator Montgolfier, who did everything I put in prison said (in terms of his game OM-VA), in broadcasting: If it were again, I would not do it again. The costs were not very hard but it was Tapie's; there… But dona, what did Tapie do to qualify for that? I killed, did I ever? Without something I can not stand any more. I want to stop it. "

Corruption at OM: Live tapes on BFMTV

After the Saturday publications on the crash and corruption of OM at the time of Tapie, an old leader of the club will have an opportunity to respond to his / her account; subject.

Apolline de Malherbe, who lives on BFMTV, ranges from 18 to 19 hours on the "yellow clothes" subjects, the leadership of Emmanuel, the businessman and the former minister, Macron, the next test in the Lyonnais Credit case … He will then follow the interview for 20 hours with the journalist and his columnists.

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