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Confirmed the first fever in Martinique

The first case of dengue was consolidated on 1 February 2019. The functions of the monitoring device were immediately used.

Date of time

RCI a & # 39;

We still do not know where a Martinique characteristic of a dengue case is marked, but as soon as & # 39; It seems that the appealing signs need to be consulted quickly on the doctor that is being treated.

Specific tasks have already been made :

Translation from the CEDRE-LAV team (Center for Mosquito Management and Semi-Anti-Vector Control) as early as Saturday 02 February at the patient's home to carry out an ento-ecological examination and to ensure that actions control of a moisture.

Doctors were given information in that area

Communication aimed at the population has changed the situation and the illness.

To protect yourself well and prevent the spread of your virus you must:

-Filling protection and / or mosquito net

– wheel guards and eliminate stagnant water

– empty out of pots and / or sand

– change the water of flowers 2 to 3 times per week

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