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Day one of the controversial federal carbon taxes

The whistleblower tax, which has been criticized by many for spending the gasoline cost, is hitting Monday in four categories in Canada.

The phase, which is in the form of gasoline and other fuel tax, applies to continents which do not already have a fixed carbon price system: New Brunswick, New Brunswick Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario.

Quebec is saved because he is involved in the carbon exchange that has been installed by California, a cap and trade system for carbon emissions. Ontario came in in 2017, but Doug Ford's Conservative government took it back soon after taking up their appointment.

$ 20 per tonne of greenhouse gas emissions is the federal tax tax and will increase $ 10 a year to $ 50 tonnes by 2022.

Opponents of the decision, including all regional governments where it is involved, argue that it will cost the cost of living for the less well-weakened economy.

Ottawa then argues that carbon tax revenues will be returned to households to pay tax refund refunds.

According to analysis on the GasBuddy website, drivers are expected to see an increase of 4 to 5 pence per liter of gasoline.

The day The Toronto Star Sunday told that the Ford government is campaigning against carbon tax.

This attack against the government phase of Trudeau would cost many million dollars and will be launched a week after the Queen's Park budget was sent in April 11.

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