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Department of Lorraine A dog will die from & # 39; first case of pseudo-rage in Moselle

"We were hunting Saturday and Sunday at Troisfontaines, and Zimming's next day. On the day, at 21h, the dog started to weaken her blood, then set up a paralysis . The next day at 6 am, she was dead. "In the middle of December, when she sees her first indication of the incredible evil that she will have. fighting on a 18 month map map, Romaric has a & # 39; attack dead death. The name is named: Aujesky's illness, or pseudo-rage due to the fact that the clinical signs cause classic ultimacy. Unless the exact location and time of a filters, the administrator is able to; shows a hunting activity in which his dog had seized a small bruised … The type of communication that could be enough. After Meuse in the last few years, the Meurthe-et-Moselle near Toul and Bayon last month, this is a proven argument in Moselle. The holiday time is, and then the problem of staff within the laboratory that is capable of managing the biological research, and # 39; explain why the news is now falling. Another case, euthanized but showing the same marks in the Folschviller area, is still being investigated.

There is no impact on humans

Aujeszky, named after his founder from Hungary in 1902, is a major fatal (herpesvirus) disease. It is bloodily circulated from supporting domestic carnivores (dogs, cats), which are dead health boundaries. Learning of emphasis: Aujeszky is not donated to someone, without fear of this side. But hunting dogs are particularly open.

The proposal that results from being common: without treatment, the hunter must block his four-legged helpers from colliding in a wounded or killed wild boar, and in particular he did not let them stop them. It's easier to say what it does …

Although African pig fever is pressing at the door at its boundaries; Belgium, is the news in the & # 39; In this case Lorraine hunters were happy to pass.

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