Disappearance of the Chamber: researchers respond to the challenge of doing something; back to body

Rescuers work hard to restore the body that is located in the destruction of the aircraft at 68 meters deep. Corp. We do not know whether one of Emiliano Sala is not the David Ibbotson pilot.

After they have gone away from the plane, a new challenge opens up rescuers: a & # 39; back to body.

Two weeks after the carriage was carried by Emiliano Sala, we do not know who is in the Italo-Argentine strike or David Ibbotson, the pilot, plane. It is located 68 meters deep in the Piper Blue pitch, at the same point where the plane had stopped the Channel, about 40 kilometers north of Guernsey.

Its body, which is seen in a stone that is; A plane by teams of the Blue Water Recoveries company, led by the attack family, is now a priority of the British Survey of Air Accidents (AAIB).

Visactu infographic

Visactu infographic

A strong tide does not help to explore

"We're trying to get back to the body back. If we succeed, we will investigate the ability to recover the plane," published the AAIB in a statement. But strong tides do not help research.

They limit the times that are & # 39; Permits the use of a vehicle run by distance at the bottom of the water. "The time comes out of his heart when he comes to a body, so it is essential that they bring back the plane and the body," said David Mearns, the broken hunter that was on the plane. Sunday.

The aircraft stopped broadcasting Emiliano Sala on 21 January. Five days later, his family, who came from Argentina, was secret when the authorities who considered "minute" stopped the chance to find out if they were alive. Thanks to the money raised through an online class, she was able to revitalize her to come to a private company. "On the other hand, I think there would be no one to find the plane. AAIB said they did not think there was a lot available from looking for the plane, "said Mearns.

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Posted on 06/02/2019 at 06:02

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