Emmanuel MacRae will be returning in a decision

POLITICAL SCAN – According to the Ifop-Fiducial survey Match Match and South Radio, the head of the state's six points jump in February. He looked back at his level before the emergence of "yellow messages".

Is it successful with & # 39; his promise? After going to letters in the polling bills – until they reach a near-archiving historical record near Francois Hollande at the same time – Emmanuel MacRae is now a & # 39; trying to regain control. Translated by Benalla's business this summer, then with the bids submitted by Nicolas Hulot and Gerard Collomb in September, and finally with the emergency about "yellow lover" when he collapsed, the headman threw the state of a body lost in the big national debate that launched its winter.

If we believe the last wave of the Ifop-Fiducial barometer released on Tuesday Match Match and South Radio, the President of the Republic would be entitled to pay. After receiving 5+ favorable points in January, it has just recorded a new increase of +6 points in February. This means that all the French are satisfied with the # 39; Its function was 34%, higher than that, despite the last October … when the "yellow dressings" movement had not yet emerged.

Coherent equality between Philippe and Macron

By the end of the summer of 2017, Emmanuel MacRae had been severely declining in many opinion accounts. At that time, he had restored the move. But that stall was out of the proportion to the last few weeks. It is still visible whether the "yoyo" is a successful structure, or does it; only for the great national debate. As a comparison, Nicolas Sarkozy and François Hollande had not been back to her; opinion after they have been scattered.

Unlike Emmanuel Macron, the Prime Minister Philippe does not keep his / her; keep pace. Much more prominent in the current time, the government headquarters – trying to be involved in the large national debate and investing the field – a & # 39; earned just a little bit. That gives 34% the chance to achieve good ideas, perfect equality with Head of State … that had not happened since last July, before Benalla did the business.

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