Emmanuel Macron's relatives are concerned about his health and loneliness

And, just under two years after his election, Emmanuel Macron was more than ever at the helm of the country? However, this is the decision taken by several journalists Parisian, including Nathalie Schuck, the author of the book recently Madam President dedicated to Brigitte Macron, after spending several days after the Elysee tenant and having spoken to several of his relatives in recent weeks.

And a lot of them are worried. Without a name, they several represent the President's responsibility, but start with the 21st week of putting on the yellow necrosts.

"It's in a state. It's under water" explaining one of those nearby and others more directly: "rinsed", "drained", they let the state state be removed.

Friends will leave the boat

This tired feeling, according to the daily newspaper of Paris, could lead to a feeling that people were giving more and stronger on the side of Emmanuel Macron, while maintaining their support. the first is the wilderness. Recently a young councilor Ismaël Emelien, named in the Benalla case, has left his post.

"It's the deceit." He is at the top of a Macron, with a Kohler who has two bullets in the stomach, figuratively.

The circumstances that may have been deepened before the end of the great debate, do not eventually sort out the urgency of obtaining a yellow vest. "If he agrees, he is dead, and he is going to die …" one of his relatives is still working, working with him. Parisian.

"I don't see how we have disappeared from the house. If the weather has been fine, the yellow saplings will come back and they will put barbecues on the circles …" t , it's still.

Brigitte, the last ally

Always always Paris, finally, we understand that his only lover, Brigitte Macron, is still there at his side.

"She is very worried, she feels that she is cotton," she said, despite her desire to create "deceive." The first one has been there suffering from whistles and jumpers during last week's.

To try to keep them on, Emmanuel Macron tries to get advice from the old president. Recently he has developed a strong relationship with Nicolas Sarkozy, and he gets a lot of advice from him.

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