Escape. Dance with the 2018 stars: return to wolf festival

Back to the main medical events that marked this 2018 edition of Danse avec les étoiles.

Of course! Iris Mittenaere who was badly trained by Holidays Of Holders, TF1 appeared November 20 quickly, to join the # 39; a wounded group among Danse's stars with the stars 2018. Because the wounds and boosters are collecting in this season so that they can sometimes be done. Exit bonus exam results for those who suffer.

Pamela Anderson

There was a actress, who was sent out of her & # 39; competition, quite unlucky. The first first wound of calf at the end of September 2018 when the show was prepared. But rebuke in mid-October: Pamela Anderson Once again hurt, this time on the left-hand side, for the appliance too much request for its & # 39; first glitch made up. There is no delay: on medical advice, an old starMalibu Alert has been free from the first stage before he suffered, at the show, he expired on November 8, 2018 against Terence Telle.

Terence Telle

The manikin was injured as a cervical, also in training, as long as he worked on his / her; chorus Fauve Hautot. On November 3, Terence Telle appears at her & # 39; precious with a carpberry and is found, therefore, forfeit and so it is essential from bonus tests. The injuries did not keep too much Terence Telle returned to the competition next week. Sequelae did not block his / her model from a & # 39; reply in the correspondents.

Iris Mittenaere

The beauty is similar Pamela Andersonhurt her twice First time in the middle of November, it's a glitch. who is involved in training that works with Anthony Colette. For Iris Mittenaere, a religious band and for his driver, shoulder pain, but the two have overwhelmed and succeeded. On 21 November, it is always falling, worthy of the doctor's attention and surplus. Iris Mittenaere. Despite everything, I amto Mittenaere The next prestigious, November 24, 2018, as TF1 confirmed to TV Star, to try to achieve the 2016 opening ends regularly with the bobos.

In the American magazine of Dance with the stars, great medical glitches have also happened. We can mention, among others, the pro-beach member of the board Misty May-Treanor, which was in season 7 of the competition on breaking the Achilles tendon, the damage that was going to be erased. Not the singer jewel who, in a 8 American game season, broke the two! Need JavaScript to play Kim Zolciak-Biermann, abortion after blood has caused an ischemic attack (TIA).

Slide show led by Anne-Laure Duvernet.

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