Europeans are preparing for a financial standstill if no agreement was reached.

After the third negative agreement on a UK opt-out on Friday, there is a question about Brexit without agreement in probability. " The "one bargain" would be worthy of clarifying things , A diplomatic source says, although a Council representative believes it is a time be ready to be able to move on and start a progress agenda ".

In front of microphones, the Europeans say they are finished. We should not push them to the organizations in which they seek, indeed, their concerns. " For several countries, this is a major surprise "Taking a diploma. But beyond the logistical challenges, there's a crucial question to emerge: what will emerge from the situation that London was ready to pay when they left the club? We have hardly negotiated, and about 50 billion euros, the bonus from London to the EU depends on agreement, in other words without knowing! T there's no reconciliation London, at least, would be allowed to consider out of freedom.

Abolition of expenses

The first is concerned with the budget for 2019. If the UK is leaving the European Union in the next few weeks, the amount available for London for the current year will be considered at £ 10,000. between 4 and 6 billion euros. The Europeans intend to make London give out this money – by offering, as a reward, the maintenance of all European programs, and appearing, in another context. T Everything suddenly stopped, except for Erasmus. But they have already predicted the British refusal position: half the costs could be halved, and the other resulted from a demand for a shared grant between the Seven Seven.

Sections in a company

But the biggest theme is the end of the current multi-year budget. On case of agreement, London must continue to work as a member until the end of 2020: to pay the budget for the budget and benefit from all the benefits. It is clear that the Europeans would try to keep London away from paying, mentioning the country's financial credit in preparation for its retirement. " We can expect to be repeated that they are clearly expecting to respect their commitments, but that they have a way of differentiating these amounts from our own needs. "We will summarize how progress has been made. In fact, London, at the very start of the Brexit negotiation, had argued that it was able to receive 27 payments from its withdrawal from the EU, t compare with the treasurer's money to sell his shares in a company, having sold off Fake, the EU returned again, to signal the possibility of a club member t unable to pay his wages.

Relationship to the future

Even though the British argument is fragile – no country purchases shares in the EU when it comes in – it is better not to break down on this issue. Certainly, would lead to more unusual pressure mechanisms: in the middle of negotiations on the future of the EU relationship, London would be well advised to negotiate on this financial issue .

Gabriel Gresillon

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