Football OL – OL: Jackpot, Lyon compiling the accounts and says UEFA is grateful – Olympique Lyonnais

In a good sporting situation, despite the defeat in Nice on Sunday night, the Olympique Lyonnais games can have a smile about the favorite club accounts. Indeed, OL Groupe told the figures for the first half of 2018/2019 on Tuesday. And the figures are very happy, especially thanks to OL participating in the European League group level, which was well run by the Rhodanians, and has been able to pay a good deal to spend much.

"In the first half of 2018/2019, income from activities amounted to € 168.4 million (€ 147.6 million in N-1), and reached a high table for the time. This show shows, in particular, the participation of the team in the European League group (Europa League N-1), which creates a total increase in income- European ticketing and UEFA tennis rights amounted to 48 M €. Income and conference rounds, including Events business, had a strong (+ 68%) increase in recording activity in October and Organizing major trade shows. Although the event was not a major event (Celine Dion concert and the French rugby game / All Blacks in N-1), five concerts are scheduled for the second half of the year already. It benefits from selling player contracts to € 38.1 million. The voluntary reduction of the seasonal activity of the season in connection with the participation of a club in the European League. At 31 December, 2017, they amounted to € 64.6 million, and including the biggest movement to date with the club (Alexandre Lacazette Arsenal for € 50 million). The € 53.9 million EBITDA, the highest level recorded to date with the # 39; Group for the first half of the year, to & # 39; benefit from continuous growth in activity. It represents 32% of the total income of activity (28% in N-1) » OL Groupe explains in her press release. Figures that surely make sure Jean-Michel Aulas …

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