Gard and Var on the orange flood warnings, school transport was hanged

Floods photographed on the Navy on 3 June 2016 – WILLIAM ABENHAIM / SIPA

Installed in orange management for flooding risk today in the early evening, the violence could have an impact on the Gard
weather. And the Var is also threatened. Météo France sent him an orange warning on the evening. At the case: the "dian-continental episode in which special study is required due to the large areas that expect lowlands"

On Thursday night-to-day, the Cévenol program is expected on the Cevennes, where the numbers of 120 to 150 mm are ordered, and 180 mm locally at the same time; program. This Friday, from 7 onwards, a stormy climb is planned on all sections. Then storms flow from the west to the east.

School transport is hanged

This water series is particularly disturbing because the soils are full of water, after a bad weather hit the department in the evening from Monday to Wednesday.

Gordon's prefecture has decided to suspend school transport on Friday, but only for students to resume in the morning with transporters. Students can ask students at +33 (0) 4 66 36 40 74. Schools, however, are open to students. The regional transport network will also be arrested this Friday, due to the risk of bad weather.

Other lines arrested this Friday will name the Tango network.

Gard's prefecture requires residents to feel. It is remembered that you should not go on a flood road in any situation, or stay near a watercourse and that the substitutes or instructions that have been replaced, especially on roads, must be respected.

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