Gas, allowances, dentist … What changes are on 1 April, 2019

Each month has lots of news stories and April is less good. It starts with good news, from this Monday, 1 April several changes to buying power It is worth noting.

Regulated gas prices, family benefits will be reviewed and the RSA will be updated, and new players will appear in vocational training.

By the way of health, small innovations also appear, particularly in relation to dental care and women's cancer costs. Finally, for the tenants, a winter break, November passed, Sunday, 31 March, allowed the clearances to take place again.

Information on the changes to the French this Monday, 1 April, 2019.


Gas sales are subject to Engie 2.2% reduction for gas burners, 0.7% for those who use gas for cooking alone and 1.3% for those who use it for cooking and hot water, according to the Energy Regulation Commission (CRE).

Indeed, the government had asked Engie, in January, to increase the rates to June. In addition, 5.8 million people will benefit energy auditadditional stimulation between 47 and 277 each family euros.


Similar to basic pension pensions, t family benefits, disability benefits and work accident years revaluation 0.3%, significantly below last year's inflation (1.8%). This phase, decided by the government and its vote with the Parliament, aims to save 400 million euro this year.

It applies to all family benefits: family allowances, family improvements for large families, single parent family support allowance, Paje early years benefits, education allowance for disabled children (AEEH), school allowance allowance.


Some of the health fees are also reviewed. Tooth teeth, some provosts will be banned. Tooth zirconia on a "visible" tooth (incoror, canine or premolar) can not exceed 480 euro. A metal meter will cost a maximum of 1,465 emilia at its highest level.

Completion of other prices will list this early in 2020 and early 2021, as part of the "100% health" reform, which also includes full refund of prostheses the following year from Health and Health Insurance.

As a result, the tariffs for particular care activities will continue to increase. This year, especially when issuing baby teeth and "visible" teeth renewal.

People with cancer, especially women, see wigs better or even back from 2nd April. Before this time, patients could benefit from a pack of € 125. From now on, the cold projects will be valued as the class 1 (luxury threads) are called closed at 350 euro and repayable on the same basis. Class 2 profiles (at least 30% of natural hair) with a peak of 700 eurosand has paid back up to 250 euro. Over 700 euro, no money will be given.


The cash injection of RSA, from 1 April, will be small. He will come in EUR 559.74, instead of 550.93 euros at present. In 2017, 1.9 million people that's certainly benefited. t


The roof of resources for allocating complementary health cover (CMU-C) will go from 8,810 vouchers per year to t 8.951 euro for a single person.

In addition, the updating of the CMU-C will automatically be available to RSA recipients, in order to simplify and improve care. about it 670,000 homes (This measure affects beneficiaries and beneficiaries), according to Health Insurance.

Professional training

The new players in vocational training are getting into the sector: the "skill workers" (Opco), led by the social partners, will be responsible for the sector fund learningto help the branches building professional qualifications and to support SMEs in defining their training needs.

Winter silence

This Monday, 1 April, will also be marking the end of winter was used to clear rents. Starting on 1 November, this machine protects tenants who cannot stay in the rent in winter. According to the Abbé Pierre Foundation, 15,550 people were abolished in 2017.

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