Having been weaned with energy drinks, its language is in breaking down because of chemical substances

The picture was taken by Dan Royals language on Facebook after taking advice from your GP. because of energy drinks it's used to drinking, its language has been devoured with the chemicals and the engraving materials of these drinks. Look at the video to see how its language's terrible state is.

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He drank up to 6 cans of energy drinks every day

"Who drinks energy drinks? Who is thrown away? Two times!", he writes Dan Royals on Facebook, starring his picture predation. "Look at the second picture. That's what this *** does for your word, think about what is happening in your body on the inside!". This teacher was at the time poor practice drink lots of energy drinks to maintain. "I don't have energy because I teach children", he admits, and admits. He had then drunk 5 to 6 cans every day. "Often chemicals break down into your language." This teacher is also taking a lot of smoking, but according to him, his problems are all about him.

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He has the geographical language

We know that sugar and the acidic, acid-free ingredients are tooth. For the vitality of such materials taurinethey can be a hazard to the heart. Not to mention sleep disordermore weight and more physical force, which has paradoxical. Dan is suffering from the virus geographical language, known as the medical name for out of glossitis marginée. The geographical language is better than dangerous and the reasons for this disease are unknown. But despite that, weight, cancers or sometimes food can bring food to the disease, which is genetic.

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geographic energy drinks

Credits: Facebook / Dan Royals

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