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Here is what would change salary indexes on salary

5:12 p.m.
, February 16, 2019

Jean-Paul Delevoye, Chief Commissioner for the Pensions Reform, raised his first opinion in his hearing before the Committee on Social Affairs of the Assembly: a & # 39; pension registration on salary, not for inflation, as is the case today. Mr Emmanuel MacRae is now sending a & # 39; This proposal is to the social partners as part of the next round. Jean-Paul Delevoye sent this week to a working document on employers and staff groups, published on Saturday The Echoes and AFP.

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In the text of twenty pages, entitled "Towards a universal pension system", it gives a summary of his / her; reform project and its strong ideas, such as establishing a "golden rule" to keep the public accounts balanced or include demographic changes. Above, he describes his & # 39; This opinion about the registration of salaries pensions.

When pensions were registered to salary in France

Between 1948 and 1987, retirement pensions were recorded to average salary. During the Glossary of the Thirty Years (1945-1975), salaries are still rising faster than inflation. So retirement pensions are revalued annually, which expect higher prices.

However, from the oil effects, the wages will suffer or not; falling when price level remains high. In order to limit the decline in retirement pensions, the former government Jacques Chirac sent a & # 39; spent in 1987 to record indexes, ie "ordinary consumer price, except tobacco." Therefore, the quality of life of the employees of their builders does not rise to prices.

The adverse effects of inflation index

Therefore, an index of indexing means that it is possible to continue to & # 39; improving the normal cost of living status. However, as Jean-Paul Delevoye identifies in his work paper, this also has a creating "inequality" deaths, by "valuing" the first, middle or end-of-the-right rights "in the same way. Mr Emmanuel Macron's comment is on the truth that the change in the degree of pensions is to the extent; hung too much on economic bays.

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The recent statements of pension management advice, a Matignon-related organization, support this fear. According to the analysis, with an index of inflation and the economic situation you have chosen, the pension will reduce the income related to activity in the next few years. As a result, average occupancy of average occupants also declined compared to the population as a whole.

In addition, the index index index enabled Fran1cois Hollande to provide freezing on the level of pensions. In 2014 and 2016, the inflation was almost nil (0.5% and 0.2% respectively), which caused the Ayrault and Valls governments to freeze frost pensions. But in Germany, where pensions are scheduled to pay, the government also declined to freeze in 2004, 2006 and 2010.

Questions sent back to salary registration registry

For Jean-Paul Delevoye, registration would include wage-change "allowing them to maintain a degree of rights-building during a qualifying person", among others. Regular pension reform would be more dependent on economic growth.

As the Chief Commissioner himself wrote, there are two questions:

  1. Should pensions be registered to the average salary of each or all of the payments?
  2. What will you do during the transition time between the two systems?

Employer groups and working groups need to answer these questions at their next meeting.

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