his criminal register has appeared in the TPMP

He has been in prison since 27 March, for being "keeping and distributing child pornography" and "minor pollution". And if Christian Quesada, the historical hero of game TF1 "12 shots of noon", had encountered other problems with justice in the days… t

The criminal record

On 1 April, the team of Touche who was not appointed got back to this point that surprised public opinion. Benjamin Castaldi promised to get out by passing a simple mobile phone … t

Cyril Hanouna's religious register received the crime register of Christian Quesada. And he accepts: "the past is extremely heavy". He has already been convicted in 2001 2003 and 2009, and was punished by two suspended sentences for today's conviction, but also for "a sexual display", "a complex attempt to bring" passing.

"He is loaded as a mule"

Around the board, the TPMP team launched: "It's loaded like a mule". And Benjamin Castaldi opens a new debate: "It is remarkable that nobody took the time to make a call and study" …

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