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"I even think it is made" …

From the end of March 27, the certificates continue to affect Christian Quesada, in prison, for "possession of child wheels" and "small pollution". This April 8, on the top of Touche, which was not my role, Cyril Hanouna Émeline, 26, agreed to give evidence.

She says she worked for 2 years with her master "12 strokes of noon", an exhibition in which she was also involved. First, she says, "it was not ambiguous", "it was very good, good".

I even think he went into the act t

Their friendly relationship engages in the day when Emeline has a difficult message. Christian Quesada will write to him: "I opened my forehead and traveled the zizi" (a text that he used more than once). In January 2018, three pictures of punishment will be sent to him, with this message: "Isn't it bad twisted anyway"?

If Emeline decided to speak today, he's for “children” she says. The young woman is confirming: "it is quite understandable, he has already admitted that he has summoned down the sentence, he will come out". And she doesn't want Christian Quesada to go back to her activities.

Worse still, "I even think he took a job," said Émeline, who says: "He offered to come to his house, maybe he could be heavy with a message, perhaps he has not to speak. "

"Is wrong t

She has not yet submitted a complaint which requested "giving evidence to the file for the non". “You have to put it together (…) to show that he has done other things (…) that he has a problem," it is coming to an end.

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