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Public health experts in the United States have declined on Wednesday against his & her; measles a number of years of the country, especially in some communities that are immunizing and immunized. obtaining exemptions for religious or "personal" purposes.

Six fragrant breeding was reported from January 1, with 159 cases in the Washington, Colorado or New York state. Every year since 2000, between fifty and one hundred first cases have occurred, and the serious infectious disease has been removed at the beginning of the century.

This product is "inappropriate," said Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Infections, invasive, Wednesday during a conference hearing. "We need to go back to zero".

Virus is one of the most recognized people. It will still be in a room or up to two hours after a person converted. Most of the United States & # 39; start due to the fact that the virus was introduced by a passenger; return to the United States, with measles still living in many other countries.

It will then spread among unwanted people, who tend to stay close to each other.

"There are pockets in vain about vaccines," said Nancy Messonnier, director of the National Center for Immunization and Rioblaid Diseases.

In the last five years, 12 out of 26 diseases (more than five patients) have recited themselves in "very close communities". Three-quarters of the patients were involved, for example in the Somali community of Minnesota in 2017, or the Amazing Jewish community of Brooklyn last year.

– Misinformation –

Details of vaccines are a factor, experts say, send a & # 39; Social networking threatens to spread misleading information about the dangers of a vaccine. Recently, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest, under pressure from the Transport, in particular, have identified steps for the prevention of content against his / her; vaccine.

MMR vaccine (crustaceans, lumps, rubella) "is very safe," said Nancy Messonnier. Now since the 1960s millions and millions of methods were used. "It's the most common effect in a bog pain, which flies very fast."

But according to her, "we have been suffering from our own success."

Given that the number of measles cases decreases by 99% since its & # 39; vaccinated in the 1960s, parents are no longer aware of the dangers.

Previously, 400-500 people lost each year from measles in the United States. In addition to fever, pimples, and other symptoms, there are problems with the disease that include plant infection (1 in 10 cases), an emergency (1 in 20), and even encephalitis, a stream brain (1 in 1,000). ).

To protect a general body or protection, ie to protect inconsistent and dangerous people (under-age, pregnant women, etc.), the level of vaccination must be between 92 and 95% of the population, Anthony Fauci explained.

The national level for children is around this stage, but there are huge differences between states, even from one home or school to another.

– The exits –

The most beautiful photograph is currently Clark County, just north of Portland's mainland in the northwest of the United States. Thirty-five out of the 159 national issues are involved, and there are Most children under 10 years old.

Fifteen years ago in this county, 96% of 5-year-olds were vaccinated against measles. By 2017-18, its proportion fell to 84%.

In some schools, especially private schools, MMR vaccination was only 20% or 30%.

Washington's state officials responded to the disease by proposing to eliminate the liberation of a vaccine for personal purposes or philosophy (there would be religious observance in place). There are also other states now to do that planning.

In the United States, only three say out of 50 (California, Mississippi and West Virginia) only authorize medical freedoms.

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