Just spent time on Fortune 8 season – update 8.00, keep up … | Dexerto.fr

Epic Games is just the same time when Season 8 comes on Fortnite with what you need to know about the update of 8.00.

The Fortnite community is now waiting for season 8. The players are keen to find out what's in the topic of this new season where we see piraters, bananas and volcanoes in the first place.

We should be based on this Thursday, February 28 sometime after 10m, the length of time we maintain and continue to. Download the update that needs to be much heavier than usual.

The ad here is still beautiful, but it is hoped that the island's "X" found near Pleasant Park would be able to arrive on the island's pirates or pirates.

The maintenance time is not fixed for the time but we will publish the paper notes of the 8.00 updates as soon as they are available until they are kept!

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