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Laura Smet is attacking Laeticia on Instagram

Laura Smet on 2 October 2018 in Paris. Credit: Jean-Marc HAEDRICH / SIPA. – SIPA

Laura Smet replied
Instagram. She told the story of Sunday as the Friday debates at Nanterre began the decision of the French sovereignty to decide the battle. T
Johnny Hallyday.

"Why do you call so much cooler? Father's father was with France and the public! Protect Johnny's daughter, not directly to Laeticia Hallyday. She added a picture of the Eiffel Tower: "Thanks to Johnny".

Screenshot of Instagram Story Laura Smet
Screenshot of Instagram Story Laura Smet – CAPTURE INSTAGRAM

What should be the right to use as the rocket's legacy?

For the past year, Laura Smet and David Hallyday have started a series of campaigns to protest against their father's will, which died in December 2017, and named him as sole heir to his estate. his wife, Laeticia, and their two daughters. Jade and Joy. The question at the heart of this case has been divided by the family for months: what should be the right of the rocker's inheritance – Jean-Philippe Smet to the town – which spent his life between the months. France and the United States?

European rules require that the judge must fully assess the life of the person who has died in the years before the death and death. “The usual residence that he agrees should show a close and sustained link to that state,” said the court in a statement.

Several tens of millions of euros have been stored

If the court says it is not possible, another method must be started in the United States. In this regard, if the court seizes the matter, this decision will set the aim for the next debate on which legislation should be the subject of the legacy.

In total Johnny Hallyday, who died at 74 years of cancer, would have inherited hundreds of millions of euros. It comprises buildings, luxury cars, rights from 1,160 songs and duties from his records, including the album "My country and love" which has exceeded 1.4 million a copy (best selling around the world of records in 2018).

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