Le Pen Mara supports voters who are find out that we have been severely blocked by Macron

"We've been severely disturbed" by Emmanuel Macron, who spreads Nicole Dupont on the front of PMU in the # 39; Chaolas, where Marine Le Pen meets on Saturday. On those lands affected by depopulation, the RN's president hopes to collect ballots to the European. But some think that a & # 39; his party "does not believe".

"It's the jubilee" and the candidate must have a president "to do an order in everything," said Nicole Dupont, 50-year-old home helper, "affirmed yellow "under the wind wind and see every day" pity ".

Emmanuel Macron, "he does not want to hear anything, the best thing he is leaving is" a & # 39; The resident of Saint-Martin-de-Bonfossé, voted for Fran1cois Fillon (LR) in the first round, then for an RN candidate in the president's election, but who has no "timeless" to go to the meeting in a town next to St Ebremont-de-Bonfossé.

Where the north and south of the country is, the Channel is part of the RN's equality, where Marine Le Pen is for the preservation of voting in the next elections, European and urban.

In the election president, she came in the third place only in the Sound, behind Emmanuel Macron and François Fillon.

"These are mission domains, which are affected by depletion, and where + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++% "To overcome the low level of 34% of the election in the president's election, nothing should be neglected, even though these sectors are not dynamic," said politician Jean-Yves Camus.

Next Saturday, Marine Le Pen will hold another meeting in the West, in Maine-et-Loire, where the François Fillon came second in the first round. She comes with an inspector from LR, former vice president of Gironde Jean-Paul Garraud.

– "Tension" –

Patrick B., 54, of age, skilled worker, came to PMU Canisy to bring horse promises. This skilled worker does not "judge" the credible RN of Europe ".

It lives near the multi-purpose hall of Saint-Ebremont, 700 residents, and & # 39; It might be "amazing". But it will appear for Emmanuel Macron that allows "change, leaving left on the left", even though he "agrees with several of the + + yellow dresses + + applications.

At PMU in Canisy, the same one for several kilometers around, the two tenants do not want to go to; Speaking politics because it is tightening.

Dede can not see fifty-two, look away, Marine Le Pen. "The politics that I believe is bigger. All friends have to vote the same laws and only think about their mouth".

In this rural area, "a good feeling, public servants are closing, farmers are in trouble, sweepers on train lines, and migrant settlements are doing in a devolved way", which & Complained of the RN representative in the Channel, Jean-Jacques Noël.

The Channel is still not a migrant country, but for the person who has left the person who has gone; left to & # 39; bakehouse, there are too many foreigners. When we cross the backups, we do not. to hear a French word. I am closer to home.

"There is enough grief in France not to be back," adding Dylan, 23, who joined two other young people to take a break. Marine Le Pen, "It's good for me, you have to remove comments everywhere".

They are very beautiful against Emmanuel MacRae. "Putting a government-in-law banker is like to give your driver a sailor," says Dylan.

In front of the multi-purpose hall, a few twelve shows from the left were left out to appeal against the RN, "the worst enemy of the staff".

"Air Haine." Bullet in the forehead ", can we also tagged on the outer wall in the same room, the RN was covering some of the posters.

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