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Lima will close its doors, over 80,000 users on the floor

Yesterday at 11pm, Nintendo revealed his first Nintendo Direct of his year. He was completely loyal to the Switch, which should not be surprising to anyone in the success of his consolation and the end of his 3DS career; coming quickly. As usual, the entire display on YouTube, and here most of the ads are to be remembered.

Super Mario Maker worthy of a room in June 2019 on Switch. Among the new stories, we will note new interfaces, as well as to # 39; adding elements from Super Mario 3D World. Nintendo also prepares the update on Smash Bros Ultimate 3.0 which includes new characters including Joker of Person 5and another surprising we do not know yet.

Rollers love their way with a turntable Captain Toad: Ulster Tracker, who wants the event to be decorated with free coopy mode. The game is now available on Nintendo eShop. Another comment, that's Dead with Daylight, registered for this fall. Nintendo also offers a very special royal battle: Tetris 99, where 99 players are competitive on Tetris; expecting the last ones to live.

There was also a Square Enix at its destination saying that Icon for Dragon Quest XI S The last land on Falling the fall after being named … in 2015, still the name of the NX. When finalizing, this version will be & # 39; Transactions between Super NES and Unreal Tool 4 graphics. Final Fantasy IX Now on a consent, as long as you need to wait until 26 March Final Fantasy VII.

Always on Japanese representations, Number of fire: Three Houses still rejected. Geared for January 2017, then running in 2018, then at the end of the year, it is now scheduled for July 26, 2019.

Eventually but not the least: Nintendo named this next box this year Tie the awakening, released in 1993 on Gameboy. The style is more likely and more colorful than 26 years ago, but some important things like the highest, but with a bit of 3D, will stop.

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