Louane suffers grossophobia on social networks: achieved at Victoires de la Musique damaged by magnificent (video) ideas

The teenager "The Voice" in 2013 is far away. Today, Louane is a well-known woman and artist. But this celebrity person is brought to light and attracts jealous or abusive ideas. Last night, at the time of Victoires de la musique, paid to her young lady; price.

At the age of 22, she sang on stage, along with an orchestra, in front of an audience of starred stars and selected guests. Competition for "the year's song" with the title "Midi sur Novembre", duet le Julien Doré, who was not present.

And at the time of doing so, some observers are at the heart of their own. "Kinder, stop the Kinder", "Have I or she been disturbing the holiday time?", Can we read on Twitter by feeling.

Fortunately, the singer did not worry about answering those ideas, and surely he did not need to lose energy. The singer is also able to count on many fans to support him but also protects him on Twitter.

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