Mary Stewart, Queen of Scotland: Consideration of Queen Margot

In the border, it's for the THRONE

Laws and opponents, the two warriors of Marie Stuart are translated by Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie, and is in the decision of the unexpected duet that the film draws a & # 39; Most of his saws. As long as he has been very excited to have an extra strive of Hollywood respect, Robbie will attack her & # 39; Queen Elizabeth with a variety of madness, reflection, and an awareness of sadness who respects him.

Picture of Liberty RonanMary Stewart against LOL League

It is on that that lies A great part of this new version of the drama device, since she introduces a woman's power, where the situation is; going to question while the men who are going to question Introducing his mental hopes to take her against his cousin. Would these women kill each other because men could not be present in the presence of Scotland and England? They were not going to go; case attack that wants to lower split of head and bone?

Everyone will judge as appropriate & # 39; This proof is, but one is sure, this approach is presented to Josie Rourke's form, which draws all the stomachs. And if the film maker sometimes leaves her drama tradition too much (A number of scenes are made skilfully because they are hard), insights are driven by amazing artists. Therefore, it is a constant pleasure to see the indirect conclusions of these two powerful personalities, come to an end by historically coming to a religious, but very spectacular.

Picture Margot RobbieMargot Robbie / Elisabeth 1st


We do not want Mary Stewart, Queen of Scotland to break the story with teams because it's making it beautiful children. Unfortunately, if your intention is, we will consistently understand what the picture does not let them go. Indeed, the situation has never been covered by historical truth, it has been said more than once that it does not use enough of the freedom; He could agree, and it's still amazing.

It is undoubtedly worrying not to resist her & # 39; inexpensive people of expensive and elegant teeth, Mary Stewart Too often, there is one branch on the beer, which seems to be; Keeping the wild that is hitting with her actors or hers; come out between the lines of the screen. It is harder to be sorry that it does not get worse as the picture is. going on, as if Josie Rourke was going back to a decision that she did not. A very clever and programming atmosphere. Determined by the scenes that finalize Mary Stewart's important accident, which is poorly trained and emotionally, when all the first movement of the film says we will hopefully make a big battle.


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