Matthieu Delormeau responds to Thierry Moreau: "It's funny"

In general there is no judge in response! Matthieu Delormeau responded hard to criticize Thierry Moreau!

We know that Matthieu Delormeau always responds to the attack. Especially when the face is weak and is not very spectacular. This is true Thierry Moreau, who did not tell him the face to face and he let himself secretly criticize his guest in messages that were sent Agathe Auproux. But also live during interview!

Matthieu Delormeau: Thierry Moreau attacking him!

Indeed, in an interview for the Plateau TV site, Matthieu Delorme was punished by Thierry Moreau. He did not hesitate to say that Matthew was: "The most important thing about refreshing and remoteness on TV".

But Cyril Hanouna's writer does not allow anyone to go. So on Tuesday 5 February in the TPMP, he explained to Thierry Moreau according to it "The definition of the" damaged ".

"Thierry Moreau, who played for a great radio host and sent to Europe 1 in one summer. (…) Who gave himself a good writer and left the TPMP in the anonymous. Who is considered today as a great journalist, when nobody speaks about it? Genuinely, I tell you, who looks like your life, has failed ! ", the animation was launched.

Matthieu Delormeau: Feeder!

But what effect is it? Most of Matthieu Delormeau who is in a position; attacking Moreau! "He is unhappy because when he was on his side, he told me friendship and behind me he wrote a great deal about me."

Then it follows: "Cowardly and deceitfully, that's a lot for anyone and he has done this work" he says on board TPMP.

Then the host Cyril Hanouna added: "It's not interesting to meet me at an airport … Do not meet Thierry!" Unfortunately, in the face of his friends and colleague at TPMP, Delormeau is not liable to release one of them until co-operation is true between the two men!