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Mercato: After Rabiot, another Titi is trying to kill Henrique.

On training at PSG and considered in the last quarter as one of the strong symbols of the success of the capital club's training center, Adrien Rabiot has refused to extend his contract in June 30. The middle 24 is waiting t quietly for the end of the current exercise to pack his bags. Another Tier would also be a challenge Antero Henrique is discussed before.

Following on from another failure by Antero Henrique by Titi in Paris?

From December last year, t Adrien Rabiot it is removed from professional staff Paris Saint-Germain in revenge on refusing to continue circulating with his club's trainer beyond the end of his current commitment.

Christopher Nkunku was hindering him by playing at playtime. The middle-class Ranger, subject to 2020, may refuse to extend and would clearly be considering the early summer. Known that the Stade Rennais and Arsenal would already be looking at it.

"The center of Paris is diminished by this last season, where victory continues according to the game played by workers who were not followed by the effects of men and women. T […] The account is missing and his relatives, Thomas Tuchel, have suffered. set out the regional day.

Sports director Antero Henrique is worried about this file. Especially after the failure Adrien Rabiop.

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