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Michèle Bernier: How to tell her daughter that she was pregnant

Michèle Bernier is a happy grandmother! Her daughter, Charlotte Gaccio, her relatives, in October 2017, has been living completely in this new post. The humor of a single-woman bill at the Variety and heroine theater The trainee France 3 he gave to Charlotte in his home pillars TV Star. We know how she told her she was pregnant.

When asked Charlotte Gaccio as she showed her happiness to come to her mother, she responds: "It's packed coffee … Grandma! She came back from filming, she did not expect to go home. When she arrived, I gave her the coffee pack. We fell into our arms with joy and joy. When we knew that they were a couple, I called her away."

With her husband and couple, Zoé and Romeo, her young woman is happy. How happy her mother was, separated from Bruno Gaccio for a long time; She was pregnant with her son, Enzo. She did everything to keep her family. "Despite the division, we stayed parents. The philosophy is strong. In bankruptcy, everyone leaves leaves: on the left as the one; left. The goal is to minimize damage & # 39; as possible with their children. It starts with & # 39; question yourself. He is generous, "an explanation in all the loyalty of Michèle Bernier.

Find the full interview in the magazine TV Star 9 February.

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