Mondadori for his French magazine sub-group to be sold to Reworld Media

So, Reworld is the first French journalist, leading Prisma Media.

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In October 2018, Mondadori France staff opposed Reworld's possible re-purchase when a presentation was made.
In October 2018, Mondadori France staff opposed Reworld's possible re-purchase when a presentation was made. BERTRAND GUAY / AFP

The business lasted almost five months, but finally agreed. Reworld Press Group, proprietor Marie France, deSouth Westerly de Be not again House Journal, to buy the Franador Mondadori magazine for 70 million yorra. The story was made in a report on Monday, 18 February. In total, there are around ten subject subtitles now in the company's purse with Pascal Chevalier and Gautier Normand with the headteacher: Science & Life, The Closer, The Grazia, The TV Star, The autoplus, The Biba, The Doctor Math

By getting their hands on a French Mondadori subsidiary, with the Berlusconi family, Reworld will France's first news journalist, ahead of Prisma Media (capital, The TV Diet, The Woman now…). The company will pay 50 million euros as soon as the sale is effective, and 10 million euros over two years. The remaining 10 million barley will be funded by selling Reworld shares to the Mondadori group, which reaches 8% to 10% of Reworld Media at the end of the year. business.

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Concern about the integration

The merger of Mondadori did not hide his horror at the true proof of this sale. "It's sure that staff will not get out of the way. After what happened in the Lagardère magazines that Reworld bought [Be[Be[Be[Be, The Light Heavy Extreme, The Home Services, The Pariscope], The we expect hundreds of digits; left, " says Yves Corteville, SNJ-CGT union representative.

From the beginning of the unique talks between Reworld Media and Mondadori in Milan, on September 27, journalists, photographers, model makers and staff of the Transalpine group have confirmed they repeated that this merchant refused and they would notify the Minister of his / her / Culture, Franck Riester, to stop the magazines. "The authorities have not quantified what was happening to the French media, regrets Yves Corteville. They did not want to understand the reasons why the times bought by Reworld have already been understood. "

Reworld's reputation in the news sector has 700 workers and 400 volunteer staff (amateur journalists) of Mondadori France believe their jobs are at risk with the build this. In the titles taken over in the past, journalists were encouraged to leave their company with profitable proportions, and replaced "Use content" realized " the contents of the motto These ads are similar to articles.

According to the merger of Mondadori France, more than thirty executives of the magazines of the group have been on their behalf. Choosing the media from December, before being sold to Reworld.

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