"My hair was very important to me", they give evidence of the importance of the # 39; It is best to pay better boots

Hair loss is one of the many repercussions of chemotherapy. – – Alexas_Fotos / pixabay

"My sweetheart made with 100% natural hair gave my love my offer because my hair was very important to me," said Andrianna, who responded to calling for stories about women with
Cancer who is wearing hair shoes. Treatment, especially chemotherapy, sometimes takes away in hair.

Up up to 350 inches in total

A wig then appears as a way to fill unfortunately unfortunately. But for some patients, the cost is very important. At this time, Health Insurance only includes 125 yards for the purchase of red hair. However, quality wigs are much more expensive.

It is the good news that the tax schedule for hair shoes will be reviewed "by the end of the first season," said the Ministry of Health. Class 1 bubbles, up to 350 barrels, will be paid back in full. Those in Class 2 have a refund of 250 euros, sold up to 700 euros. Living in an unidentified, the rate of repayment for those that are more than 700 euros.

In the meantime, patients are posted on social networks, including Instagram. One way among others to show equality with another patient or fight against illness.

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