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Officer: Magic Johnson resigns as head of Lakers' basketball operations, bom in Los Angeles

Did Dirk Nowitzki and Dwyane Wade play the final night's game? woops, missing. Everyone was surprised by Magic Johnson's nomination to retire from the leadership of the Lakers.

So for one time, we hardly saw it coming. Some elements were returned to the right, including the most recent readings in recent articles Athleticshowever, there was not enough to make a warning. As the truth predicts, two days from the end of the season, after a cataclysmic quarter, and without a warning about the wider world, president's job of licensing markets puts their youngsters? That's what happened tonight in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, an earthquake reveals the hopes of the supporters, who hoped to spend at least two days before the holidays. Calling on a press conference before you see the Blazers Lakers at home, Magic Johnson named his post, and as he was not satisfied with taking more responsibility. As he said in the press conference, it seems that the best director in history (for many) was moved much by his own news, and just as he had been confirmed. Lost, joyful, lack of attendance by the team, lost the process of contemplation, couldn't find out because he was at the top of the Lakers, Magic in the atmosphere for months but what he had lost. This freedom to represent openness outside, without stressing the decisions being taken every day? A little of that, lots of even. Has this ability not to tolerate the heavy criticism after finding the biggest producer in summer? Let's go, too. One thing that is sure is that the shooting is completely in Los Angeles, at this time when these lines are written. Enjoyable visibility, because of some black-magic activities by Rob Pelinka, that are, but right of time, the only purposes and very high reasons t true, on one of the worst seasons. the story of the licensing, when we look at the expectations we have put back nine months ago.

I am leaving today, as I have been the president of the license's basketball work. Jeannie (Buss) has such an amazing relationship and I give it the final power to do what I want here, but want to maintain our relationship particularly. I like it. And I think I had a lot more fun when I was a big brother, when I was an ambassador for all. I was thinking about the upcoming delay for Dauane Wade and I can't even do a tweet about it or being in the place. Serena Williams called me and I asked if I could be part of her group of councilors, I said that was what I wanted to do. Ben Simmons announced me and we pressed through the compulsory protocol, but made me look bad in this story. I'ven't done anything wrong. I thought back to all the players who want to give them advice, to be their supporter, and I can't do it. I have more fun on this side of the current.

But if it was just a question of leaving, we could wait until the night and the bone of information to make the impact. The problem is the way Borderline offensive. Of course, Magic Johnson said that he did not have the courage to declare it to Jeannie Buss, the owner of the license. So we are talking about a famous player, in a famous license, who became the president, who had a long-term player, and left the ship without even letting him tell his senior t level. Buss learned, with the media, staff and others in the license, that his president was leaving his job. T Again, the strange step is remarkable. Now the order comes, of course. We must re-trace all the curtains, with a new chief executive, who may be allowed to join Rob Pelinka (if he keeps it as GM), who can't join LeBron, unless he is. events like this are not wild. This new chief will have to launch a real attack plan, whether it is for his staff who coach, Hello Luke Walton, or his players. What about Lonzo Ball? From Brandon Ingram? Kyle Kuzma? Of those players who appeared on rumors last February? What discussion should take place, what is the approach, and what is so little in the future? The Lakers cannot, for now, have the chance to lose the free group in 2019. In addition, by showing so much unfitness and unsafeness, licensing cannot deal with the fish any more. set out commitments for long-term hardship. We need to start again, and we hope that we will have patience, flexibility, innovation and power to carry out the work, which Magic Johnson cannot handle. Big cairn.

It seemed that they didn't see the Lakers dropping this year, pretty much like a mistake. The incredible departure of Johnson Johnson, he himself lower point and that voting will take place tonight. We wish you well this summer.

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