OL UL: Aulas's efforts are shown by Riolo to hit Lille and Rennes – Olympique Lyonnais

Renowned Stade winner on Friday (0-1), Olympique Lyonnais has launched the last sprint in full.

Ambitious, Gones's dream is to double the LOSC in the final quarter of the competition. It would be sold as a trick, but would it be one thing? It was not according to Daniel Riolo, who badly attacked Jean-Michel Aulas in his blog, which was published on the RMC website. For the historian of the Foot Foot, Lyon's president is just taking people for fools. His explanation should make him answer … t

"We know the situation with heart. It appears that the club is active (but Memphis isn't so mean) coming to an end. In May, it has been claimed that OL has been operating. T lead the season, we are happy and life is ongoing – I am struggling with this reading, and I even think Aulas is a gogoterie – its leader So many people are keen to find gogos that we need to find neologism, and because OL is strong enough and thinks it will be at its stage at this stage, if we're going to finish it then t yet, at present, the feeling that nothing can happen on OL at the end of this season, that is at the same time, there is a difference.The difference is different from what we have seen before. Make sure the things are necessary "is it a good sports policy? Lyon to move and move. t Yes, yes. Yes, of course it will be sold as such. The gogoterie is ready. Didn't Aulas say on Friday that he won at Rennes? " Daniel Riolo, before going on, explained.

Extension of Genesio, the "pompon"

"The com" has been a toy in this club. And the chief is having fun with his sound. This year the pompon is the possible expansion of Genesio. This case is hanging. Waiting for 2 April after Coupe de France (semifinal against Rennes a day) to unveil the news, I can't understand it. The circus is the real and fair consultation of the fans just as much t they unveiled the journalist, eventually tired of this conversation with Jean-Michel Aulas. We are now awaiting the response of the main principle …

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