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OM: Luiz Gustavo producer breaks the silence – Football

Now instead of Olympique Marseille, Luiz Gustavo doesn't live well but refuses to make a complaint publicly. His representative has made the point and wants to wait until the end of the season before deciding what the player is destined for.

OM: Luiz Gustavo's representative comes out of silence

Luiz Gustavo passes through Marseille's difficult problem

We wouldn't have thought for it a few months ago. Luiz Gustavo (31 years) is now the responsibility of the last season and this person as it was at the first stage of the current exercise. Brazil has not been titularis since they fought Reims (1-2), 2 February, and have to be satisfied with some games going in (93 minutes).

To date, Luiz Gustavo has not made a complaint about the new status to his public. And that doesn't happen to be an agent. If he doesn't play much at this time, it's only the decision of his trainer and he will never complain, because it's not the type to make a sound. , Roger Wittmann explained at the site of Pcen.

At the end of the season feel at the end

Despite all, it is impossible to achieve the issue of movement at the end of the season. There are still a few weeks of competition, and we will have time to slow down the situation when the season has finished. The club is still trying to achieve its objectives, and there is no doubt that we will create problems , continuing with his representative.

I can tell you that Luiz is still very happy with Marseille, the producer says. He is in love with this town, this club and he doesn't complain, there is no question about it. Despite his love for Marseille, Luiz Gustavo cannot cope with the next season with this status. And OM won't keep a player paying 500,000 euro each month for putting it on the bench. If the situation is not changed, the Auriverde could pack their bags in a few months.

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