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Opponents oppose “connsguineous” options after establishing relatives with Macron

Emmanuel Macron, along with media director, Sibeth Ndiaye, Brive-la-Gaillarde, 25 February, 2017. – SECONDARY / AFP COURSES

Honorable Macronist troops. Emmanuel Macron delivered Sunday to the government of three men elected from the inner circle, Sibeth Ndiaye councilors and Cédric O, as well as the MP Amélie de Montchalin, closing the stages in the emergency. T this.

The opponents condemned the options that were "immediately" sympathetic, seeing it as proof that the head of the state was separate and that it had no choice but to enter a worshiper's square. "Macron chose two councilors for three changes to his renegotiation. But there's still a little more technology, even further afield, this is what the government has done," replied Valérie Debord, LR spokesperson. , on Twitter with the word "roiestseul".

"The remote state of the state draws on his own colleagues to obtain ministers. He is also a conscientious objector of the ministers' political campaign and reinforcing the power of the Elysee", t Party Socialist Gabrielle Siry.

"It turns out that there is a huge wind of wind and Mr Macron includes in his care," said RN partner Gilbert Gilbert.

"This bad practice in terms of appointing Councilors of Elysee ministers. THow we need to change the copyright system every day, understanding anything about the crisis with regard to contact The French and avoiding that, "said the English Priest Marie-Pierre of the Gontrie.

“It's an extraordinary event, responding to Manon Aubry, the leader of the European LFI list on BFMTV. Emmanuel Macron has appointed two of his closest consultants, who prove he wants to keep control.

"Crazy cash" and remove the ISF

Sibeth Ndiaye's option is the option that leaves the biggest dispute. "Tutors of the Macronian lessons, self-defense activists from Fake News Newspapers, have just been appointed as a professional reader as a spokesperson for the government: it must be at the same time," said Jordan Bardella (RN).

"So the man who said" the girl is dead "speaks of Simone Veil as the government's spokesperson," she added Lydia Guirous, LR spokesman, to speak the polemical expression with loan to Sibeth. " Ndiaye death Simone Veil. "Macron certainly wanted to respect Sibeth Ndiaye's culture, class and practice when #Simone Veil dismissed him by naming the spokesperson for the government …", who set the old minister. LR Thierry Mariani, who joined the list. of the National Collection of European elections.

"In answer to the yellow shirts, until the correspondent who gave the President the illicit formula" crazy money "and the MPs proud to sink the ISF, clear political cooperation: t We are accelerating the moment LFI MP Alexis Corbière comments.

Some input from colleagues

The former Secretary of State for Digital, Mounir Mahjoubi, reiterated the confrontation of Cedata O "Bravo Cedric! After all these months, you know you're up. The challenges you face will face a lot of challenges and I will see you tomorrow »

"Welcome on board (even if you were there with a lot of people right now and the first two)," you decided to make the Secretary of State for Gender Equality Marlene Schiappa. Minister for Housing Julien Denormandie welcomed “Sibeth Ndiaye, Amelie de Montchalin and Cédric O. Devolved from the first time”. Delighted to carry the protective and salvation president's project for France. "

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