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Over 500 proven cases in one week, are planned national strengths

From 4 to 10 March 2019, 566 cases of dengue were proved, which shows the prefecture and the ARS. The epidemic epidemic of dengue continues with over 500 proven cases per week.

Currently, homes are still to be found in the southern urban areas of the island, although important issues are identified, which has an impact on 22 towns. By looking at the planned epidemic standard for mid-April, 50 soldiers will civilize the civil control device against seaweed in the field.

Furthermore, although the number of people getting to hospital and visiting the urgency room is increasing, hospitals are already making the efforts to address the current situation. in the weeks ahead.

Public hospitals prepare for disaster

At the request of ARS Indian Ocean, public hospitals, and in the first line of the University's Reconstruction Hospital, have developed a response plan to prepare for the control of a large number of issues in emergencies and hospitals. hospital services.

From now on, the southern part of the CHU has set up a special round of care for people coming to consult for a suspected dengue fever. Such a group could be set up in other provinces (North CO site, CHOR, GHER) depending on the evolution of the situation in these areas.

National strengths illustrated

Following the model created by the Institut Pasteur and Public Health France, it is expected that a tour will take place in mid-April approximately 800 to 1 500 confirmed cases per week. civil security (10 co-ordinated agents and 40 virus agents) is expected on the island. They will be able to support the LAV services in the manual handling activities, as well as in the cities to co-ordinate their activities.

Issues were identified in 22 areas, where the most active families are located: t

– The Saint-Louis River (128 cases) t
Carmichael Watson Project – Results – St. Louis (107 cases)
Carmichael Watson Project – Results – St.
Results – The Etang-Salé (39 case)
– Cabris Ravine (36 cases)
– Little Island (24 cases)> a new identity was identified

Overall, from the start of the disease, there are 9,183 native cases (including 2,307 cases from January 1, 2019), 236 seriously deprived hospitals (including 80 hospitals from 1 January). , 2019) 628 visits to an emergency room (of which 153 were from 1 January 2019), 6 deaths from 3 were assessed, following investigation, as directly related to dengue fever. More than 33,000 clinical cases (including more than 7,000 from January 1, 2019) are being assessed.

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