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Prince William would have deceived Kate Middleton

The rumor goes for several days on the other side of the Channel. According to several British media, Prince William would have broken Kate … with one of her best friends, Rose Hanbury.

Would Prince William's admiration be confirmed by Prince William? For several days in any case, British and American media are now trying to find out why the evil couple decided to marry the Marquis and Marquise of Cholmondeley (heard as Cumley) from his power t . On the back of an official purpose, Prince William welcomed the Duchess of Cambridge to Rose Hanbury, Marquise of Cholmondeley … and Kate Middleton's best friend.

In mid March, he became an article in the British tabloid The Sun, suggesting that the Cholmondeley, a British aristocracy who was close to the royal family, would have been taken away by Kensington Palace.

Kate would have done everything to make sure Rose Hanbury, a 35-year-old model, got out of a circle of friends who were not worried about organizing the social events and asking her to Everyone should make sure that people don't say a word to it now.

"It is well-known that Kate and Rose have plotted, before the twins were close, but this is not the case now," said a source at the launch. Sun.

Trust for loyalty

This argument could end there, but according to Nicole Cliffe, journalist for Slate, Elle and The Guardian, this lady's two witches would hide from her unfortunate legacy. Prince William with the Marquise of Cholmondeley.

She also says that a famous British food correspondent pointed out that he was at the center of nobility, "everyone knows for months", before he dismissed his tweet . According to the American media, who had received the file, the information would come from the Marquise itself, who had not hindered this relationship from her close friends.

Corruption between the two brothers?

As well as the possibility of royalty to the royal family, rumors about the royal series Prince William and Prince Harry will also feature. So far, the excuses sent them over. William expressed his brother's fast relationship with Meghan Markle.

But William's legacy, if proven, may have been a reason for the two men. Prince Harry would have blamed his brother for wanting to destroy two parents. “That's what we left our childhood, you're doing the same bull-father as his father, you have three young children! Prince Harry would have told him, according to his relatives.

As usual, on the royal family side, we don't have an idea. The story is based on Meghan Markle by telling him that his Instagram account was opened and that it was officially moved to Frogmore House just before the child was born … A way to damage the case, according to Nicole Chiffle .

Screenshot Screenshot Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Screenshot Screenshot Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Screenshot Screenshot Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Screenshot Screenshot Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

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