PSG: "I'm a dream about mid Verratti, Paredes, Rabiot"

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Post on 5 February, 2019 at 11:15 pm with A.M.

A few days away from the Old Trafford tour against Manchester United, Thomas Tuchel still does not know who he is going to go up. But Stéphane Bitton is a dessert.

There is much uncertainty about how the coasts are dealing Old Trafford face Manchester United. If Neymar is absent, attendance Marco Verratti still uncertain as long as it is Leandro Paredes start though it seems that it is not common. Quiz at microphone France Blue, The Stéphane Bitton However, to confirm that he dreamed of midfielders with Italian, Argentinian and … Adrien Rabiot.

"The leaders do not want to let it go, it's a head of mushrooms in Rabiot, so it's also a pride of"

" I was a dream about the mid player: Verratti, Paredes, Rabiot, on 6 March for the second leg of the American League against Manchester United. For the first step, it may be a bit early. I see that everyone is wrong in this case. We know that a shoe does not do anything and so there may be time to move. It is not won, everyone who lives on their roles. The leaders do not want to let it go, it's one of Rabbit's top and also his sadness. He has already been brought back to the pro. What can the pensions of Parisian leaders change? Bad trafford at Old Trafford. Charles Terence Trenet: "Revoir Paris", I'd like to see Paris again by Adrien Rabiot. "

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