PSG – PSG: A division of Adrien and Veronique Rabiot? Mission is possible!

PSG: Divorce Adrien and Veronique Rabiot? Mission is possible!

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The future of Adrien Rabiot looks more common, because the way it has taken to FC Barcelona is just better than that. The Spanish media left even Friday that Barça did not want to do most of the central PSG park. And in this climate, a number of voices were raised to advise Adrien Rabiot to cut the crane with his mother, ruled, as she always did, her son's vocational career. For Barcelona, ​​it is also estimated that Veronique Rabiot does not have a & # 39; Adrien's job in managing his job.

But this view of the presence of a proxy can look after her & her; The garden of her mother's place is totally healthy according to someone near her / her case; named in So Foot. " Some broke their teeth trying to divide them. They did not understand the movie. We do not reconcile anything by doing it. to kill his mother. That's how he is loyal. And not just her, with everyone. He has principles, his tutorial in Creteil who invites his home, games etc. Everything against a foolish man. It is simple and faithful "It is the definition of this old liberator, who still meets Véronique Rabiot in Saint-Germain-en-Laye.

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