PSG – PSG: Modric, Busquets, Iniesta … Riolo is tired of Verratti

Back in shape after injuries, Marco Verratti certifies that it is still essential for Paris Saint-Germain.

Good light media relay shows and technical shows, such as the match of Coupe de France against Dijon (3-0) Tuesday. What's nice to some spectators. But it will give a lot more to impact Daniel Riolo, the biggest hitting in Italy that is still in existence; See any difference with her "Little Owl" ashore in 2012.

" It is the true Verratti that you saw since it came from, criticized RMC consultee. He will divide two boys in front of the surface, he will makes several amazing games in the season, but I do not want to see the same Verratti. What do I want to see Verratti is necessary when the big games are? come. What we have seen yet. Even against Manchester United (0-2) in the European League? If he liked his performance, Riolo is a see a flat.

What is needed in Verratti

" He does not have enough corpseregret the specialist. If he's very much about deciding to put his life away, it's good for him. It needs to be strong 90 minutes in the fourth European League date. It has great features, but it does not still burn, it is still not a # 39; Helping him, he should be quicker than broadcast, because he has little conservation, it's amazing about his / her; The gallery is beautiful, but it is against Dijon. "

The type of problems that are assigned by the best ones than the work. " If he's going faster than in the European League game, he will be closer to Modric, Busquets, what was in Iniesta and what the mid-game was to win a fighting contest, Riolo calculations. He has excellence. If Paris employs Modric or those players, Verratti is a & # 39; going on the berry. That's the truth. It is still to be seen that Paris arrives at Ballon's day-on-day basis.

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