RATP changes its stations to make us travel

On Monday, April 1, a day of activities and trips, the RATP has modified a number of its underwater stations on the topic of travel, to help you catch your love! Explanations.

RATP likes to impress passengers with certain jobs. From 1960 onwards, every year, the public transport network Carry the consumers with the April Fools. On this Monday, April 1, the tradition is celebrated. Instead of advertising exhibitions, twelve large pictures they were connecting to station names to help you catch your love.

Included in the program is a ice plant at Glacière (line 6), Pyrénées' montages (line 11), the Trevi fountain in Rome (line 2), pyramids at Pyramides (line 7) or trompe-lily from ports. in the air on lines 9 and 14. On the ground, tell you how to make a selfie with the seats.

Dresses and tickets for artificial aircraft are available at Quatre Septemb (line 3) and Bonne Nouvelle (line 9) to complete the jokes. Just take a picture and think that your friends think you have progressed well. The top 5 winning entries will be broadcast on RAPT's social networks!

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