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Scarlett Johansson takes shelter at the police station to get the paparazzi down

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The American star is very angry with the techniques of paparazzi.

PEOPLE – The American actor no longer supports picture hunters running out quickly and clearly.

After being exhibited on the exhibition "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" On Monday, April 8 to launch the forthcoming film "Avengers" Scarlett Johansson was very frightened.

When they leave the recording studio at the end of the show, five paparazzi carriages hit the star and two other passengers as it has long-term confidence. Hollywood Reporter“After this I followed five cars with stained glass windows, full of people, putting red light and putting other vehicles and pedestrians at risk, knowing where I was staying, all to find my pursuit by my daughter. " t

If she wasn't driving, the 34-year-old actor was no longer feeling safe. Suddenly, she was sheltered at the Hollywood police station to alert police officers of the incident without making a complaint.

"I felt it was my job as a worried citizen who was in charge of and who was in danger of going to local riding for advice." The actor got involved.

Scarlett Johansson finally arrived safely and sound safely to get into her daughter Rose Dorothy, presented to her by vice-husband, French journalist Romain Dauriac.

Tackling change in legislation?

Celebrated by this experience, Scarlett Johansson then declared his anger on the paparazzi customs, particularly mentioning how he left the death of Princess Princess Di.

“Even after the death of Princess Diana, laws were never changed to protect the targets of illegal paparazzi,” she said. Hollywood Reporterthe paparazzi use more dangerous methods to harass the people they see. "

The actor has also referred to the “crime” left of paraparazzi, ready to promise "criminal acts".

The Black Widow player later played on 24 April in "Avengers Endgame" later by asking for a change in the law.

“Women across the United States are harassed and frightened and universal law has to be ahead of negotiation with law enforcement,” she said, until the paparazzi can be seen by law. It is only a matter of time before the death of someone else is seriously injured or killed, such as the Diana princess … t

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