some of the brain can recover after a period of conviction

Did you know? Some of the brain will decrease when you drink alcohol. If this is not impossible (if you stop your wear), the revival is not ready. Definitions.

We all know that the consumption of alcohol is the damage of the brain. Worst, excessive wear is to reduce the degree of brain structures associated with knowledge and learning. If you stop drinking, some of the brain can recover the loss, but others do not get back in full.

The seahorse can never be repeated

For example, the hippocampus is not very important to remember and create new memories, to return. Therefore, this structure has not been reversed by alcohol. Compared to this, other areas of the brain, such as the anterior cingulate cortex, the insula, dorsolateral prefrontal bone and the orbitofrontal cortex to; Find out their abilities when eating alcohol. This is shown in a study by Timothy Durazzo and Dieter Meyerhoff, experts in structural neuroimaging in alcohol dependence.

In this regard, there are still many green fields. Why do not they have their revival capabilities between some gucci? This explanation can be explained "Probably with individual characteristics of unlawful movements of alcohol, still unidentified"how it was written South. After reading this article, you have one other reason to stop drinking alcohol!

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